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Between the 10th and 27th September 2022, Robyn Ward has been invited as an artist residence. He will be working on a wall-size canvas, within the well-known New York townhouse; 214 Lafayette.

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Born in 1982, Robyn Ward is originally from Ireland and has been raised in the Northern region of the country. He has worked as an anonymous artist for a long time, using pseudonyms and aliases. However, he managed to rock the spotlight when he exposed his identity in 2017. The attention from international media convinced the artist to use his birth name since then. Ward is an artist who values his personal experiences of chaos and relates them to the breakdown of today’s society.

Robyn Ward, Untitled, 2022. Courtesy of Hilario Galguera

Ward has displayed his artworks globally, from the Museo Tamayo and the Museo Nacional De Arte in Mexico City, with paintings sold at auctions and exhibitions in New York, London, Los Angeles, Paris, Hong Kong, and others. He currently resides between New York, Los Angeles and Mexico City.

Robyn Ward will be working on a 6-meter-wide canvas daily after-hours to create a dynamic and transitional painting over a two-week time lapse. The artwork will be located at the buzzworthy townhouse in SoHo; 214 Lafayette. The exhibition and NFT selection include pieces from I, II, III, IV, V, no-less than the artists untitled series of abstract paintings with layers of ideas, hidden messages and didactic stories. He uses Roman Numerals as a reflection of the methodical process of creation as it brings a long series of proceedings and emotions together as one, like a journal, a monologue, or a chapter in a book. In fact, Ward is dedicated to make each painting according to his state of mind and emotions.


Robyn Ward, Untitled, 2022. Courtesy of Hilario Galguera

Within the townhouse, the visitors will have the chance to experience a number of series from the last 10 years of Ward’s art. Whereas the physical artwork will be donated to a Contemporary Art Museum, a digital counterpart will be buyable in the form of 1,000 individual digital NFTs (non-fungible tokens) enabling holders of each NFT to own a piece of the whole digital artwork.

Robyn Ward, Untitled, 2022. Courtesy of Hilario Galguera

The NFTs will be available for purchase at all times during the artist’s residency. On the last day, the painting will be completed and the final artwork will be unveiled, making the image linked to the NFT visible to the holders.

Robyn Ward, Untitled, 2022. Courtesy of Hilario Galguera

House of Muse has partnered with Tessera (previously Fractional.art) - a platform which enables users to participate in collective ownership of NFTs. With collective ownership increasing access to NFTs, Tessera has enabled 70,000 people globally to collectively own over 6,500 of the world’s most sought after NFTs.

Cover image: Exhibition at 214 LaFayette, NYC. Robyn Ward. Courtesy of Hilario Galguera Gallery

Written by: Sveva Berto

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