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The Slovakia based gallery is showcasing an exhibition of professional international artists all driven by energy and uniqueness. 

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The exhibition Christmas Art Poprad is an international exhibition of professional artists, which took place from 27th of November 2023 to the 2nd of February 2024 in the premises of the Art Lasák Gallery and Shop, in Poprad, Slovakia. The exhibition will showcase 16 artists from Slovakia and the Czech Republic presented their works: Ananina Ljuba, Dowden Marina, Écsiová Laura, Elian, Farkašová Denisa, Ferenčáková Zuzana, Frba, Hutyrová Slávka, Chlebdová Ladislava, Jellúš Libor, Kosová Věra, Langrová Klára, Lichtenberg Petr, Outlá Pavla , Timko Daniel, Zítková Renáta. The works were selected by the curator of the exhibition, gallerist and artist Silvia Lasák. The subjects represented are diverse, as well as their style of creation, their style and techniques. They are all charged with energy, each of them having its own story and charm.

One of the artists is Frba, in Sweden he is called "painter of thoughts". The Swedish artist  can be categorized as a symbolist. His paintings are deliberately freed from details and precision, they have traits of naivety. They are associated with ancient cave paintings. The creation of his canvases is a long process, from an idea through numerous sketches (part of which are extensive textual notes), then through color studies. He repeatedly returns to many topics. His works have depth and thought. Each of his works has its own story-idea in the description, which makes us think and stop in this hurried world, where basic values are often lost. One of his works exhibited in the exhibition is “Bethlehem”; "Bethlehem is the comet that sank deep among men, and even if it is no longer visible in the sky today, it shines on earth every Christmas, for everyone without exception."


Frba, Bethlem, 2022. Courtesy of Art Lasák Gallery.

Among the new artists exhibited there is Renáta Zítková. She started to devote herself to painting professionally in 2017. Now she paints on canvas with acrylic colors and she creates primarily intuitive paintings. A recurrent theme of her works is the abstractions of the universe, as the universe has been a matter of her heart since childhood. Moreover, she paints realistic landscapes in which people found themselves after moving to beautiful nature. A collection she worked on was named Pictures with a Story. Her latest collection combines science and art with the same name. It is a micro and macro world. Here Renáta would like to point out what people cannot see with the naked eye, or what can be easily overlooked. Both worlds are fascinating. Each of her paintings is original, has a soul, an energy and its own story.


Renáta Zítková, Nebula, 2023. Courtesy of Art Lasák.

Pavla Outlá, after finishing school, set up a ceramic studio and named it TAWA - which means SUN in the Hopi Indian language. For a long time, she devoted herself to utilitarian ceramics, creating mugs, bowls, teapots and plates with motifs of the Hopi Indians. Recently, she created new sculptures representing angels and various sculptures inspired by nature. Pavla aims to express its experiences, feelings, beauty and the originality of nature. She creates from fireclay clay and uses various types of patina and glass. She likes it when the rawness of the clay can stand out. Currently, she also creates stoves, where she combines coarse fireclay clay and fine raw porcelain. Her three porcelain and ceramic paintings were sold in December 2023 as part of the Christmas Art Poprad exhibition.


Pavla Outlá, Man and Woman. Courtesy of Art Lasák Gallery.

Another artist is Věra Kosová, her work is generally based on the power of emotions, and it is precisely the human face on which emotions are clearly visible. She stated “It is not for nothing that they say that the eyes are the window to the soul. By using only two basic colors, I give the observer space to focus on the facial expression itself and absorb the atmosphere of the picture”. The purpose of her work is to remind people what is important in life. In today's digital world, influenced by property and power, basic values such as love, friendship, family, health or helping one's neighbor are often forgotten and people forget to be human.

The circle of new artists is rounded off by Libor Jellúš. His beginnings were drawing with pencils, crayons and pastels. In 2006 he tried acrylic paints on canvas and after another two years he started to devote intensively to small oils. The artist’s subjects are landscape paintings, cities, squares and buildings. Libor admires historical corners, he liked the paintings of the old masters, especially Jakub Schikaneder. He tries to transfer their feelings, thoughts and processes to the canvas, while always trying to leave a piece of himself in the work. He is inspired by his homeland, partly also abroad. The artist has been organizing author's exhibitions for several years and he doesn't avoid social ones either.

All artists can be found on Kooness websites. Visit our gallery through this link and treat yourself to a luxurious art experience from the comfort of your home.

Cover image: Libor Jellúš. In the shade by the water. Courtesy of Art Lasák Gallery.

Written by Asia Artom

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