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An artwork has the power to create the perfect aesthetic, mood and feel of a space, creating a storytelling for the people who experience it.

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In the realm of interior design art plays a crucial role in shaping the ambience and aesthetic of a personal space. It turns the room into a captivating dimension of expression and emotion. Art is not an accessory, it is the narrative upon which the entire space unfolds, contributing to the space’s personality, depth and soul. The core role of interior design is to create environments that resonate with a person’s taste, identity and aspirations. To create an ad hoc space where people can feel at home, always. Indeed, art is the essential element to give the space character and vitality. An interior designer can choose among infinite styles, colors and patterns to choose the perfect fit for the environment they are designing. 

The artworks are aesthetically appealing, enhancing the aesthetic of a room. The use of art into the decor of a space elevates the overall look and feel of the space completing your design style. If you are searching for a minimal design, then line art, geometric or minimalist design are the perfect fit for your room. Abstract pieces or big monochromatic paintings are ideal for a contemporary feel. Classic paintings and antique decorative statues fit into vintage decor adding charm and unique elements. The contemporary interior design, for example, attempts to create a friendly yet clean and tidy atmosphere. Defined by subtlety and elegance, this style focuses on the space and the artworks rather than the furniture in it. The contemporary touch is given by some major components such as sophisticated colors, an open design and the blend of different textures. The color palette ensures a touch of freshness within the contemporary décor.Artworks for a contemporary home space can range from simple artworks with crisp lines and geometric shapes to paintings with bold color blocks.

Dana Gordon, River, 2022. Courtesy of IdeelArt.

Another very important role art has in interior design is by serving as a focal point, dictating the visual composition and the ambience of a space. All the paintings are curated and thought to set the tone of the entire room. A piece of art has the ability to create a center of focus anywhere. The important thing is to position it correctly, by doing so it is possible to draw the attention of a person to a particular part of the room, making it a natural focal point. Two important elements that need to be considered while designing are size and positioning. They can help dictate the impact a designer aims to make on a person while being inside the room. The artwork can give an extra depth to the space and become the centerpiece of a room, creating a sense of engagement that transcends mere decorations. The dining room for example is a space about sharing, transformation and taste. Therefore, it is important to convey the same energy through the selection of the perfect artwork to set the room’s tone. It could be ideal to place the art piece at the eye’s level, to capture attention and central to the wall near the dining table, to have it as a company for the people dining. Visual balance is key and to avoid obstructions from furniture or other decorations.


Ken Prescott, Red Garden. Courtesy of Art Works Gallery.

Beyond aesthetic art is also an expression of cultural identity and personal expression. It adds layers of meanings and significance to a space. Indeed, choosing the perfect colors for a space is key. Using the artwork as the starting point can be the perfect starting point, to make decisions much easier. It can add a pop of color and texture to the interior space, showcase an individual’s personal style and preference. Incorporating art into interior design allows people to choose the perfect color palette, to assert their unique identities and create spaces that feel authentic and personal.

Art rules interior spaces, giving them personality, beauty, and inspiration, turning them into havens for creativity and enjoyment. Designers can create countless creative and innovative possibilities by embracing the power of art, producing visually appealing and deeply human spaces.

Cover image: Peter Burega, Southern Crossing No. 16. Courtesy of Abbozzo Gallery.

Written by Asia Artom

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