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Art Genève 2024, a celebration of contemporary art, reopens with its 12th edition, from the 25th to the 28th January 2024. Find out more about the fair!

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Art Genève 2024 reopens with its 12th edition, promising an engaging journey through different artistic expressions. Set in the picturesque town, the fair features more than 80 galleries, creating a cultural tapestry that attracts art lovers from all over the world.

Geneva, with its timeless elegance and cultural richness, offers an evocative setting for Art Genève 2024. The fair takes place in the Espace Hippomène, a historic space able to  conform into a dynamic showcase, welcoming visitors to explore a wide and diverse range, from traditional paintings to cutting-edge installations. In addition to the exhibition, as usual, the gallery program is enriched by presentations of institutions, private collections, foundations, art spaces, and art schools. 

The participating galleries represent a global spectrum of artistic voices. As seen from the official website of Art Genève, illustrious names such as Von Bartha, alongside emerging talents, contribute to the eclectic mix. The event serves as a meeting point for established institutions and leading galleries, fostering a dialogue that transcends geographical boundaries.

One of the highlights of Art Genève 2024 is the launch of immersive performances and interactive installations characterizing the fair. This new experience allows the audience to experience art at 360º, creating an environment where art comes to life. More than 30 exhibitions will be presented by the galleries, competing for the Solo-artgenève prize.

Art genève, 2020, Vernissage, Photo: Julien Gremaud

The recent incident of a fire at the Sukhumi Museum in Geneva is a touching reminder of the fragility of cultural heritage. However, it also highlights the resilience and adaptability of the art world, without neglecting the artistic spirit. This year, Art Genève 2024 became a symbol of continuity. As you immerse yourself in the artistic wonders of Art Genève 2024, it's imperative to take a break to explore Geneva's cultural and scenic treasures. Visitors can venture into the city to discover its rich history, picturesque landscapes, and vibrant culinary scene, adding an extra level of pleasure to the overall experience.


Art genève 2023, We are two abysses curated by Balthazar Lovay and Marina Romiszowska Photo: Baptiste Janin

Art Genève 2024 is not just an exhibition; it acts as a catalyst for cultural exchange and connection. The mix of artists, collectors, and enthusiasts creates a vibrant and evolving community. This facilitates the exchange of ideas and concepts, encouraging collaborations and new thoughts that could have a big impact on the future trajectory of art.

As Art Genève 2024 comes to an end, it leaves an indelible mark on the cultural landscape of Geneva. The intertwined connections, the dialogues initiated, and the creative energy unleashed during this event will resonate long after the last exhibition. In the years to come, Art Genève's legacy will continue to inspire and shape the narratives of artists and art lovers, thus fostering a lasting impact on the global art scene.

Cover image: Art Genève Banner. Courtesy of Art Genève.

Written by Angela Violano

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