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The winter friendly and nature inspired design that has entered the house of millions of art and design lovers.

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The design of a home is the extension of how an individual wants to live. For the seekers of  calm places, comfortable areas, ideal for socializing and relaxing, Scandinavian interiors might be the perfect aesthetic. This style emerged in the 20th century and has become one of the most popular designs in the houses of the American population. It is defined as approachable, easy to love, simple, but with an attention to detail. The Scandinavian aesthetic is clean, bringing together functionality with beauty, combining light spaces and simple lines. What makes Scandinavian design unique is its ability to focus on the essentials of every element, stripping out what is unnecessary. The color palette uses neutral and monochromatic colors. The walls are usually painted in white shades, to help the light illuminate the spaces.

The Scandinavian design was born from the culture and lifestyle of the Nordic countries, such as Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway. Inspired by the concept of Functionalism and Constructivism, this style emerged in the 1950s alongside the modernist movement in Europe and America. It was influenced by the Nordic region’s cold weather and their desire of creating comfortable and cozy bright places. Scandinavian aesthetics became popular in 2010, followed by an obsession with “hygge”: the concept of space and lifestyle that prioritize calm and sociable comfort. This style follows the ideals of democratic design, prioritizing local crafts and accessible elements.

Gino Morandis, Immagine nº122, 1970. Courtesy of Valmore studio d’arte.

Gino Morandi’s piece is a minimal, abstract painting that could be hung in a Scandinavian design living room. It represents the perfect balance between a neutral color palette and a simple shape.

When it comes to decorate the space with art in a Scandinavian aesthetic, the balance between minimalism and expression is key. Here, you can find the essential tips to choose the best art pieces to decorate your house in a Scandinavian style. First, Minimalism is key. Search for artworks with simple compositions, subdued color palettes and a focus on essential forms, such as black and white line art. Some examples are abstract paintings, photographs and graphic prints that go hand in hand with the simplicity of the design. Second, opt for nature inspired artworks. In the Scandinavian aesthetic nature is a central element, playing an essential role in the nordic inspired aesthetic. Simplicity is key, but the choice of a number of statement furniture and artworks can bring character to your space. Choose art pieces that connect well with your furniture, to make them a focal point of the room. Some examples can be an abstract painting, a tapestry or a unique sculpture, but always keeping in mind not to overwhelm the overall aesthetic. Third, mix materials and texture. Scandinavian design uses wooden materials or soft textiles. A wooden frame could be a perfect example, to give depth to the room and enhance the art piece. Last, prime handcrafted art pieces to decorate the space. Artisan art pieces will add a personalized touch to the interior design  enhancing the nordic style. A perfect choice could be a hand painted vase or a carved wooden statue. 


Olga Radionova, Tree of Life #6, 2017. Courtesy of Art Voyage Gallery

The sculpture by Olga Radionova it's a perfect example of craftsmanship wooden sculpture to decorate the interior of a Scandinavian designed room. The artist found some wooden logos in a studio that were no longer needed. When she started carving them she discovered they were a 125 years old oak.

Scandinavian design means the ability to find the perfect balance between minimalism and expression. Find simple, functional pieces to decorate your home, but with unique elements to make them cozy and personal. Prime nature and handcrafted elements to create a timeless space following a nordic lifestyle aesthetic. Visit our Advisory page for your private advisory service or visit our Trade Page for a selection who aims at luxury estates.

Cover image: Cut- Up Paper I.26, Ulla Pedesen, 2016. Courtesy of Ideel Art, London

Written by Asia Artom

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