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Valentine’s day is the most awaited time of the year for lovers. The red’s color palette emerges into different shades, formats and shapes. Of course, as art is a way of communication, all the artists have celebrated love and passion through their art pieces, expressing their idea of love. Since then, this theme is recurrent, however has changed and transformed throughout the years. We have picked six artworks to celebrate the day of love. 

The first piece selected from us for this Valentine’s edition is the Heart Balloon Sculpture by Mr. Brainwash. The heart balloon is made of polish bronze and granite base. Mr. Brainwash is an international artist, who mixes pop art with street art. He is known for his large scale installations and prints. Alongside Bansky, he wants to bring street art to the masses. “Heart Balloon” represents the modern love, that can be light as a balloon, but also firm as a stone.

Mr. Brainwash, Heart Balloon Sculpture, 2019. Courtesy of Tania Baxter Contemporary.


Another artist we love, who creates vibrant paintings made with splashes of colors is Nikolaos Schizas. A greek artist based in Spain, who communicates a sense of movement and fluidity through his works. His work “Love!” expresses feelings and emotions. As an artist what drives him is the willingness to express unconscious feelings and suppressed emotions. He uses a range of methods, from spraying to pouring and dripping. His art is charged with emotions and his work “Love” screams the power of its feeling between two lovers.


Nikolaos Schizas, Love!, 2023. Courtesy of IdeelArt.


“Lovesick” by Banksy is another of the pieces selected by us for the celebration of the 14th of February. Banksy, the renomated street artist whose subjects are mostly critiques of our contemporary society and politics. “Lovesick”, is an interesting work of art as it represents the figure of a woman puking hearts. Is love ever enough? We need more love and more resilience. 

Wayne Leidenfrost’s painting “Silent Songs” represents red flowers in a garden. Leidenfrost is inspired by the impressionists paintings. He uses his art to escape from the real world and hide into a space of bright, vibrant color and movement. His artworks are full of energy and passion. “Silent Songs” is the representation of calm and tranquility, the unspoken words between two lovers who speak just from the looks or their eyes. The artist stated: “Everybody looks at my work and says “it is so peaceful,” but it is the subject, the garden, that is peaceful. The brushstrokes aren’t peaceful – on a bad day, I can paint with such huge, angry strokes that I knock the brush out of my hand.”

Wayne Leidenfrost, Silent Songs. Courtesy of Art Works Gallery.

“Way to the heart” represents the mouth of a woman looking at herself in the mirror, with red lipstick on. The mirror has the shape of a heart and the color red is recurrent in the whole picture. Is the subject preparing to go out for a date? Tyler Shields, is an American photographer. Before he started his career as a photographer, he was an inline skater champion. He is considered the Andy Warhol of his generation. Shields has produced images that play with notions of the gaze, power structures, hyper-realism, iconoclastic-tendencies and cinematographic practice. “Way to the heart” represents the passion and tension that love can bring and create.


Tyler Shields, Way to the Heart, 2015. Courtesy of Trimper Gallery.

“Timeless Roses” represents the modern concept of nature. They are painted in a contemporary manner as the shapes appear to be squared. But, who does not wait for roses on Saint Valentine's Day? Roses are the flowers of love, and anyone would smile at receiving them as a gift. Bettina Newbery, based in London explores the essence and freedom of semi- abstract paintings. Her flowers are undefined, giving the viewer the possibility of personally experiencing them with no rules.


Bettina Newbery, “Bloom XXVI Timeless Roses. Courtesy of Visionaire London®.

Cover image: Joshua Jensen-Nagle, Us Alone. Courtesy of Off-Piste Fine Arts.

Written by Asia Artom

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