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The Spanish based gallery is promoting visual, artistic and cultural heritage of the international artists.

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Sholeh Abgahari Gallery is a gallery based in Marbella, that has been founded to bring exceptional artists and exhibitions. The gallery promotes both established and emerging artists from the Middle East and around the world. The gallery aims to choose the most innovative artworks through a selection process targeting pieces that are part of important collections, auctions and art fairs from around the world.  Sholeh Abghari Gallery has established the first truly contemporary art gallery in Marbella. The Spanish gallery has its mission and values. It exists to exhibit and promote visual, artistic and cultural heritage of the middle eastern and international artists. It provides diverse exhibitions both inside and outside its spaces to support the creativity of the artists and promotes them by engaging the public to the visual arts. 

The Gallery represents a number of interesting artists. We have selected some of them to be presented in this article. Daniel Mehdi Nabavi, he is known through his artworks for using cut mirrors and portraits next to his sculptures. The artist finds mirror the perfect material to create pop-art, as he thinks we do not see objects as they really are, but we perceive them through our own perspective. To this end, we see things the way we want them to be seen. It means we are looking for ourselves in everything and anything that we are looking at all the time. 


Charoula Nikolaidou. The Game, 2023. Courtesy of Sholeh Abghari Gallery.

Charoula Nikolaidou is a visual artist based in Thessaloniki, Greece. In her paintings she praised the eroticism, the inwardness and the ecstasy of existence. The body is a scene, a meaning in action which leads us to presume a performance of form empowers the narrative of the drama. Her paintings, gestural and instinctive, are documented in a direct way. In the end, Charoula Nikolaidou can be assessed as an active stage where the body and the spirit converge and diverge, the external and internal world, love – loneliness, emphatically emphasizing the animosity of life and the poetry of painting, as a cathartic value against this agony. 


Mehdi Nabavi. Portrait, 2022. Courtesy of Sholeh Abghari Gallery.


Another artist represented by the gallery is Fulvio Gonnella, born in Italy in 1973. He is now based in Malaga, Spain, another place he calls home. Fulvio Gonella works closely with autistic individuals and people with varied perceptions of reality, trying to understand the different ways we interpret our universe, always searching for a common truth. He defines his artistic process as a dance between instinct and intellect. Every artwork has a long story behind it that he likes to pen down. His European journey and the interaction with the people seeing the world in a different way, deeply shaped his exploration into the duality of existence and the transformation of perception. His art is about understanding how we see the world.


Alexander Zuleta. Untitled. Courtesy of Sholeh Abghari Gallery.

Alexander Zuleta is a visual artist who challenges contemporary classifications. He was born in 1984 in Guatemala. He works with formal painting techniques and other experimental tendencies in painting. He wants to show the fragility of cultures in Latin America and the world. His artworks are influenced by childhood issues that have led him to investigate the existence of forms, objects and humanity, which make up the subject. And by questioning the reason for them in space and time.

Cover image: Sholeh Abghari Gallery. Courtesy of Sholeh Abghari Gallery.

Written by Asia Artom

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