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Someone once said, “Art makes suffering more tolerable” and such concept straightly comes up if we take a look at photo basel/berlin images gallery.

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The artworks that will feauture the upcoming fair will indeed make everything more tolerable. Especially because photo basel/berlin is going to be one of the first art fairs to re-open to the public after the Covid-19 lockdown. Actually, photo basel/berlin itself introduces the event highlighting its purpose, which is “to celebrate photography in real life again”. The fair will open on September 10th, thanks to the invitation by POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair to join their monumental art fair.


Galerie Koschmieder, photo by Josef Wolfgang Mayer, Zimmerstrasse Charlottenstrasse I, 1990.


Although photography is one of the oldest cultural media and despite its deep and historical roots as an art medium, it still has to be explained to most of the art public, highlighting its integrity and authenticity. By reporting and narrating our reality, photography is a very poetic and refined approach towards everyday life, and, at the same time, a medium to escape from it too. Furthermore, if compared to other artistic techniques, it has a relevant commercial power as a consequence of its immediacy, spontaneity and higher visual impact. In fact, photography seems to be easier to be understood. As Stanley Cavell wrote in 1979 “Photography maintains the presentness of the world by accepting our absence from it. The reality in a photograph is present to me while I am not present to it”: this is the reason why we have a certain need of “removing the human agent from the task of reproduction” when talking about photography. While painting has always been focused on establishing a connection to reality through a “sense of presentness”, photography, on the contrary, overcame this pursuit by rising above subjectivity itself. 

The fair will represent a selection of 20 galleries and 200 photographic positions, and it will be set in Berlin, a city where art and culture are fundamental, and where photography has its “temple” inside the beautiful C/O Berlin. As branch of Photo Basel that inaugurated its first edition in 2015, Photo basel/berlin will have an unmissable collection of high-quality photos, featuring several galleries all over Europe, and one gallery from Taiwan. Landscapes, humanity, black and white images, vivid and colorful scenes, still life, everyday situations, imaginary ones… will help images lovers to start a good new year. Definitely, a must-see event! 


Photon gallery, photo by Vanja Bučan, Sequences of Truth and Deception, 2015-2019 Kopie.


More contents from the fair here.  


Cover image: Pervanderhorst Gallery, photo by Bas Meeuws, HommageàSanyu(#20)_2019.

Written by Rossella Farinotti

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