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Kooness team had the exciting opportunity to be part of the Hybrid Art fair selection committee, in order to select the top 3 galleries of this 2020 edition. It was a tough choice because every single booth was breath-taking. It has been so stimulating to see so many foreign participants and so many new exhibition formats of contemporary art. Many congratulations to all the participating galleries! 


For this 4th edition of Hybrid Art Fair Kooness committee has selected... 


N. 1 -->  VTAPE

from Toronto (Canada) for their vivid experimentation and energy towards video art and various mediums...


VTape' s booth, during Hybrid Art Fair 2020, Kooness winner.


n. 2 --> LAUWER

from Hague (Netherlands) for their critical eye in dialogue with every-day life during these years of consumerism and detachment from reality...


LAUWER's booth, during Hybrid Art Fair 2020, Kooness winner.



from Catania (Italy) for their original use of medium and ironic critical point of view towards the real world...


White Garage' booth, during Hybrid Art Fair 2020, Kooness winner.


These 3 galleries played a great role also for the original installations created inside the fair. If you are interested in further information about the fair, don't miss the opportunity to read the latest interview between our curator Rossella Farinotti and Hybrid co-directors Ana Sanfrutos, Eugenia Chenlo and Aida Chaves, read more on:

MeetMe#29 | Hybrid Madrid 2020


Ana Sanfrutos, Eugenia Chenlo and Aida Chaves. Courtesy Hybrid Art Fair


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