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Now that the museums are physically closed as a security measure during the coronavirus crisis, new ways of making cultural visits through their websites have been developed. But also, since art is inspired by life, other web platforms have spawned to express how artists are living this pandemic. This is how the first virtual museum about the coronavirus was born. Its name is Covid Art Museum, an ingenious idea of Emma Calvo, Irene Llorca and José Guerrero, publicists from Barcelona, Spain, to commission the best works that artists are sharing on Instagram. 

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As the virus continues to spread creative urge people to make the necessary life changes in order to minimise the chances of catching or spreading coronavirus Covid-19. The pandemic has, for the meantime at least, has set the stage for many artists and creators. Artists and designers around the world have created images of support and are distributing information, that would spread awareness to people and in turn, they are making a difference. Isolation, toilet paper, hand washing and the virus are the common elements used in most of the artworks. The main aim of The Covid Art Museum’s is to give visibility to artists. During a crisis period like this, platforms like these would indeed boost and help in growing the visibility of artists.

Anybody from around the world is able to submit a piece for publication. They receive around fifty proposals every day from around the world and seek out some international artists whom they consider essential for the museum. They are collected through the hashtag #CovidArtMuseum or via email. As for the future plans, the coordinators are planning to move to a physical exhibition, with all the works collected during this period of time... in addition, they are also planning to make a free e-book so that they can consult all the works. Here are A few examples of artists who used their creatives to circulate helpful advice:


Juan Delcan 

1.Juan Delcan

Los Angeles-based artists Juan Declan have created an animated video shot with that uses matches to illustrate the impact of social distancing. His digital artwork illustrates the importance of staying at home, and the need of communicating through social media in the time of panic.


Javier Jaen 


2. Javier Jaén

Javier Jaén studied Graphic Design and Fine Arts in Barcelona, New York and Budapest. His professional activities focus on editorial illustration, book covers, and cultural communication. His is a symbolic, playful language, and he looks for narrative scenarios and aesthetics in close context, related to the everyday experience. The work shown is of the  Coronavirus postcards. He says that it is a collective to affirm that we are not alone in this era of uncertainty and at the same time it is a commitment to two of the capacities that define us as human beings: communication and empathy. 


Sara Shakeel


3. Sara Shakeel

A former dentist turned crystal artist, is pretty much Instagram royalty at this point. Having amassed close to one million followers on Instagram, the social media savvy Pakistani artist has become synonymous with inspiring, uplifting and surreal artworks which shed light on current issues while simultaneously highlighting its beauty. Her images invoke a plethora of emotions from her followers simply through the use of crystal, glitter and filters. Sara’s #WASHYOURHANDS series quickly became viral as fellow influencers and fans worldwide were determined to spread the message amid the global COVID-19 pandemic which has affected almost everyone.


Jorge Tabanera Redondo


4 .Jorge Tabanera Redondo

Jorge Tabanera Redondo, born in Segovia in 1977 and resident in Madrid. He graduated in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid in the speciality of "Image Arts". Currently creative director at Doubleyou Madrid. He was previously interactive creative director at Shackleton, art director at GRAY, Silicon Artist, and OnlineMarketingGroup. He has participated in more than 60 exhibitions between individuals and groups.  In wake of the covid situation , he made an illustration to contribute to the project that benefits to the research for the cure of Covid19. Its his way to pay a tribute of thanks to all those people who go out to share their art on the balconies to make the closure of their neighbors more bearable. A small gesture that also counts.


Yarza Twins


5. Yarza Twins

Yarza Twins is an award-winning London-based design studio run by Eva & Marta Yarza. At Yarza Twins, we work with passionate clients to create honest work that stands out from the crowd. We build long-standing business relationships and help our clients find their voice and connect with their audiences. The artist spreads message of hope - “In these days of uncertainty and fear, we all stay together by staying apart. We hope, from the bottom of our hearts, that you and your families are safe and healthy”.


Francesco Vezzoli in tribute to Lucio Fontana. Courtesy of vanity fair Italia


6. Francesco Vezzoli 

A tricolor with a cut that represents a wound but also a crack. It is the new cover of vanity fair Italia created by the artist Francesco Vezzoli in tribute to Lucio Fontana. "We are entering an era of seriousness," writes the editor "A new time, where yesterday's values and questions (ecology, respect for human work, inclusion, importance of the state) will no longer be only goals to pursue but results to put on the table".

Cover image: Courtesy - COVID art museum on Instagram.

Written by Ciza Zoya Azeez

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