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Another important artistic event is postponed due to the current health emergency. Christo's "L'Arc de Triomphe, Wrapped" scheduled for next autumn has been postponed to autumn 2021, from September 18 to October 3. But soon the exhibition " Christo e Jeanne-Claude. Paris!”will be open at the Center Pompidou.

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The project foresees that Christo will wrap the Arc de Triomphe with 25 thousand meters of recyclable blue and silver fabric and 7 thousand meters of red ropes. The idea of creating the "Arc de Triomphe" in Paris was born in 1962 with Jeanne-Claude, who suddenly disappeared in 2009 at the age of seventy-four. To make this work possible together with Christo are the Center Pompidou and the Center des Monuments Nationaux.

The decision to postpone the event came from the Center des monuments nationaux and the Center Pompidou and was announced on Christo's Facebook page. The Arc de Triomphe, Wrapped will be done, but the dates of 2021 will not allow him to celebrate with this new work the thirty-five that Christo and Jeanne-Claude made in 1985 at Pont-Neuf. When the museums are accessible again, the exhibition “Christo and Jeanne-Claude. Paris! ”, Planned at the Center Pompidou and dedicated to the Parisian years of the couple of artists, between 1958 and 1964, and the birth of their project The Pont Neuf Wrapped, Paris, 1975-1985.

Despite his almost eighty-five years, Christo, born in 1935, every two years creates works of monumental size and complex technical design. The most recent one is The London Mastaba, created in Serpentine Lake in Hyde Park in London in 2018, preceded by "The Floating Piers" on Lake Iseo in 2016. Javacheff Christo (better known as Christo) was born in 1935 in Gabrov, Bulgaria. Christo's early education in Soviet Socialist Realism, and his experience fleeing his home as a refugee of political revolution, informed his career's numerous forays into real-world politics as a primary subject and source of his artmaking. His 35-year collaboration with the artist Jeanne-Claude, and the large-scale site-specific works they co-authored, stand out as his career's greatest achievements. Read more about Christo on Kooness.


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Cover image: Christo, the project for L'Arc de Triomphe, Wrapped. Courtesy of the artist.

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