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EST_ART SPACE Gallery kicks off its exhibition season with "La Parada de los Monstruos," a group show that promises to be a thrilling exploration of the monstrous. Scheduled to open on Wednesday, September 13, 2023, at 8 p.m., at its industrial warehouse in Alcobendas, this exhibition is set to be a high-voltage spectacle that art enthusiasts won't want to miss.

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The inspiration for this remarkable exhibition is drawn from one of the most controversial and emotionally charged films in the history of cinema, "Freaks" (Tod Browning, 1932). This film has left an indelible mark on counterculture. The exhibition project, also named "La Parada de los Monstruos," is curated by a team of accomplished curators, including Ricardo Recuero, Maite Sánchez, and Raquel Rico. It will run from September to November, aligning with the opening season of galleries in Madrid.

At the heart of this exhibition lies the theme of the monster, both in its portrayal as a symbol of the irrational, unconscious, fictitious, and imaginary, as well as its representation as the embodiment of the opposite. Here, monsters are not limited to characters or grotesque beings from literature or cinema; they also encompass the more unsettling monsters that we encounter in our daily lives. "La Parada de los Monstruos" is an immersive journey through the realm of the monstrous, encompassing various artistic mediums such as painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, video art, installation, performance, and music.

The exhibition raises intriguing questions about where monsters reside, both in our imaginations and in reality. It challenges us to ponder, "In closets, in mirrors, in a can of Campbell's soup?" – a question inspired by Maurice Sendak's story, "Where do monsters live?" The exhibition is structured into three thematic blocks, all interrelated, and through the works of the featured artists, it seeks to provide answers to these questions.


Tondo Smiling. Courtesy of Est Art

Indoor Monsters/Outdoor Monsters

This segment of the exhibition delves into contemporary interpretations of the monster. It tackles pressing issues such as gender violence, capitalism, family dynamics, asking what are our biggest fears in today's world. It also explores the transition from childhood fears to those experienced in adulthood, shedding light on the evolving forms of fear.

Strategies of Fear

Taking inspiration from M. Night Shyamalan's "The Forest" (2004), this section examines how monsters and terror are employed as tools of coercion, control, and domination by political, religious, and economic powers. It serves as a thought-provoking analysis of the various strategies of manipulation and fear-mongering in society.

Spaces of Abjection

This block delves into the concept of the abnormal and the deformed, exploring how society marginalizes individuals who don't conform to established norms. It draws connections from teratology to queer culture, highlighting the legacy of freak shows that persisted in Spain until the 1970s. This section also pays homage to figures like John Merrick, the circus, Leigh Bowery, Drag culture, and Jack Halberstam's art of failure.

Visitors to "La Parada de los Monstruos" can look forward to an eclectic mix of participating artists, each contributing their unique perspective on the theme. The lineup includes Albert Bonet, Atthram, Aurora Duque, Black Sánchez, Carlos Penrider, Erik Arenas, Jesús Aguado, Jesús Montoya, José Luis Serzo, Kristina Stuokaite, Ksenia Shinkovskaya, Martínez Cánovas, Mikel Lor, Nourathar, Pau Serramià, Perrilla, Reverendoom, Roberto González Fernández, Roger Olmos, and TONDOsmiling. Additionally, there will be a special collaboration with the artist FUMO, who will create an intervention on the gallery's facade.

Kristina Stuokaite. Courtesy of Est Art

The exhibition promises an array of events and activities to enhance the experience:

So mark your calendars and make your way to EST_ART SPACE Gallery in Alcobendas for a unique and unforgettable encounter with "La Parada de los Monstruos." Don't miss the opportunity to explore the realms of fear, fascination, and the fantastic in the world of art.

Cover Image: Roger Olmos. Courtesy of Est Art.

Written by: Kooness

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