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Subtitle: UVNT Art Fair is an essential event in Madrid's art week, showcasing new contemporary art that builds on historical perspectives and offers a dialogue with modernity. The fair features over thirty galleries with emerging and mid-career artists, as well as established names in the contemporary scene.

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UVNT Art Fair, previously known as Urvanity, is a significant event in Madrid's art week that showcases the latest contemporary art while reflecting artistic trends with freshness and innovation. The fair promotes new contemporary art with a historical perspective that builds a dialogue with modernity and offers scenarios to explain the world.

UNVT Art Fair’23, Girls Like Me Write Everything Down, 2022, Courtesy of UNVT Art Fair

The fair features over thirty national and international galleries each year, showcasing the works of emerging, mid-career, and established artists in the contemporary scene. UVNT aims to explore and imagine future scenarios for New Contemporary Art and facilitate access to a wide audience. The fair is committed to promoting cultural transformation in the city’s urban spaces as well.

Celebrating its seventh edition from 23 to 26 February of 2023 at the COAM headquarters in Madrid, UVNT is a space to explore the freshest languages, integrate different aesthetic codes, and find new trends in the art world. 

Sergio Sancho, founder, and director of the fair, emphasizes that UVNT is in constant evolution, daring to use new languages that do not understand labels. The fair aims to generate diverse spaces for creation and dialogue, positioning itself as a connector of different agents in the art world.

In addition to enriching the Spanish market by attracting a diverse range of national and international galleries, UVNT is also committed to making public art interventions in the city's streets and squares to promote cultural transformation. Since its inception, the fair has exhibited the works of more than 450 artists and welcomed over 50,000 visitors.

UNVT Art Fair’23, “Mi cuerpo ¡Hell Yeah!” by CACHETEJACK, Courtesy of UNVT Art Fair

UVNT also features a section dedicated to Young Galleries, promoting the discovery and promotion of young artists. Moreover, the fair is a meeting point and a place for learning. In 2017, the UVNT Mahou Talks were born, bringing together profiles from different fields to talk about art and law, young collectors, or new contemporary languages. In each edition, prominent artists or architects design the space as if it were a work or artistic intervention.

In conclusion, UVNT Art Fair celebrates new contemporary art in Madrid, promoting artistic expressions developed in the urban context since the 70s, building a dialogue with modernity, and offering scenarios to explain the world. The fair is committed to exploring future scenarios for New Contemporary Art, facilitating access to a wide audience, and promoting cultural transformation in the city.

Cover Image: UVNT Art Fair’23, Galleria Yusto/Giner, Courtesy of UVNT Art Fair

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