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Dear Stephanie, Kooness is happy to welcome GALRY Gallery on Kooness! Would you tell us more about your story and how you started your project in 2005?

Immersed in an artistic universe since my childhood, an art lover since always and a collector at heart, I started my career working for prestigious brands in the marketing and communication world. In 2005, I decided to put these skills to good use in my roster of artists. I first worked in partnership with Parisian galleries to master my knowledge in the art field, before creating GALRY, in 2009, a gallery slightly different from the existing offer on the Parisian scene. GALRY is not only a gallery but also a 360° artistic agency addressing young art lovers as well as well-informed collectors through companies and institutions. The idea is to democratize art and to make it radiate as widely as possible, in France and abroad. Mission partially successful, I think!    

Your artistic research aims to offer a breath of fresh air in the gallery world. How do you reflect this inspiring objective in selecting your artists and in the programming of your exhibitions?

Yes, indeed. My ambition is to provide a multi-sensory experience for our clients. We favor a positive, energetic and colorful selection to "do good to the soul". Isn't that what art is all about? Inviting us to travel, to dream and to animate our emotions? Previously located in Saint-Germain-des-Près, we are now in the lively Marais district. We receive our collectors only by appointment and in our GALRY-appartement for a different experience and a more intimate relationship with the work. A privileged relationship for an exceptional moment. We wish to leave the traditional cold and white cube of the gallery to offer a more authentic relationship with the artist and his work. 


Courtesy GALRY


The international art scene is evolving rapidly these days... In your experience, how has the art scene in Europe evolved over the last 5 years and how do you cope with the digitalization of the contemporary art market? 

Yes, we have to think 360°. The physical world is far from dead but we can no longer ignore the digitalization of our world. Art is no exception, and that's good! At GALRY, we were pioneers and have always thought global and digital. For several years now, our approach has been both physical (with our gallery and pop-up stores or participation in art fairs) and digital (important presence on social networks, on the web and on platforms such as Kooness). 

And finally, do you have any exciting projects coming up? 

Yes ... let's not reveal everything but I can announce you for example in preview that our artist Valérie Hadida will soon have her first monumental creation as part of a public commission for a French city! 




Cover image: Courtesy GALRY

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