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The artist has collaborated with different artists, and has always regarded art as a means of encounter, self-discovery, expression, experimentation, and freedom. Through her artistic life, Saldivia has delved into materiality and various artistic techniques in her works, with her objective being to convey her emotions and feelings through strokes and colors to bring us closer and forging new connections.

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Kooness: How do you make your artworks?

Celia Saldivia: To start an artwork, when I encounter myself in front of the blank canvas, I start by making strokes whether it is with spatula, brushes or rollers choosing the shades that guide me to new pathways.

What does your art mean to you?

CS: My art lets me show my true self expressing feelings and emotions with the goal of providing something to the spectator which is unique and unrepeatable.

Where are you from and how does that affect your work?

CS: I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina, a cosmopolitan city and extremely rich in all forms of art. My work seems to be influenced by the amazing cultural movements that surround me. Being different contexts the ones that give me the possibility to show my art.

Celia Saldivia. No Title, 2021. Courtesy of Vie d'Artiste

Describe how art is important to society.

CS: Art is a medium which gathers people together, mobilizes them from their interior world and also connects a wide range of ideas, works of art and a variety of links.

What is the goal of your artworks?

CS: While initiating a work of art,  moments of utter uncertainty conclude when noticing evolution and progress on the project as the days go by. Followed by my interior world wanting to express itself.

Eventually, when the visual and analytical process commences, I feel the enormous pleasure of discovering the impact that it has on people, whether they like it or not.

How can your work help or affect societal issues?

CS: Parallel to my artistic projects, I'm also a primary school teacher and coordinator of different courses and workshops regarding art disciplines. I've also created an online gallery.

In this way, a large variety of people of different ages gain huge benefits with all of these artistic activities. The same goes to the rest of society, who help emerging artists to carry on with their own career path by visiting exhibitions.

Both commitments are in constant demand and need of my presence, whether it is by guiding  students or giving artists the tools needed in order to succeed.

Celia Saldivia. Interwoven. Courtesy of Vie d'Artiste

What are your ultimate career goals?

CS: My goals are linked both to making myself known as an emerging painter, connecting other artists with people interested in acquiring works of art and finally, being able to manage different artistic activities with social purposes. 

Cover Image: Celia Saldivia. Campo, 2022. Courtesy of Vie D'Artiste

Written by: Kooness

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