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Have you seen Bettina Newbery’s latest exhibition STAR DUST at VISIONAIRE LONDON? Today, we heard from the artist and curator about it.

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Bettina Newbery's art has undergone a transformation over the years. Originally influenced by fashion and popular culture in 2010, her style shifted to pure abstraction by 2023. In 2019, she incorporated geometric elements into her work, depicting modern women and establishing an instant bond with viewers. During the lockdowns from 2020 to 2022, her portraits became increasingly abstract, merging with floral patterns and giving rise to either abstracted BLOOMS paintings or surreal feminine portraits. The pinnacle of her artistic journey came in 2022 with the astonishing series STAR DUST, consisting of fully abstract geometric pieces.

We spoke to Bettina Newbery, the artist behind the 2022/23 series STAR DUST from VISIONAIRE LONDON®. We discussed her motivations for creating abstract paintings, as she has been on this artistic journey for several years.

Kooness: What inspired your recent 2022/23 series STAR DUST ?

Bettina Newbery: Welcome to a world of celestial enchantment and cosmic elegance. The transcendent STAR DUST series captures the beauty of the universe, inviting you to join our artistic journey, painting a story of the universe's infinite beauty that has captivated the hearts, minds, and souls of stargazers and dreamers for centuries. Stars, the building blocks of galaxies, emit varying levels of brightness and come in different hues, from white and blue to orange and red.

Bettina Newbery, STAR VI – V1 AMETHYST, STARDUST series, 2022|23, Courtesy VISIONAIRE LONDON ®

BN: The compilation photo above embodies the diverse range of the series, highlighting the artist's skill in capturing the mesmerising elegance of the cosmos. These artworks, inspired by
the luminosity and vibrant hues found in in our magnificent universe, are a cosmic journey that you won't want to miss!

K: What are your favourite works in the series?

BN: The abstract pieces in the 2022/2023 series STAR DUST are crafted using a mix of different mediums, showcasing intricate patterns that give the impression of perfect symmetry while
playing with visual perception. Every painting in the STARDUST series is a unique and hand-painted one-off creation, adding an atmospheric touch and contrast to any room, and now available as single or grouped items at this link.

BN: The standout example that comes to mind is STAR VI – VI AMETHYST a mixed media piece incorporating liquid charcoal and fine oils. The enchanting tones of lilacs and purples completely captivated me.

BN: Far beyond a mere decorative piece, STAR V – VI ORIEL is an adventure into the vast expanse of the cosmos within your own home, a magnificent one-of-a-kind work of art that serves as an enchanting portal to other worlds.

Bettina Newbery, STAR VI – V1 AMETHYST, STARDUST series, 2022|23, Courtesy VISIONAIRE LONDON ®

K: What is the allure of creating abstract paintings for you?

BN: My fascination with geometric shapes started in the late 1980’s – however it wasn’t until last year that I discovered the joy of allowing colour to take on its own life and to exist independently from the object depicted.

Witness the unparalleled beauty of the night sky with the exclusive STAR VII – VI AUBURN painting from the STARDUST 2022 collection and enjoy a perfect blend of luminosity and unique
kaleidoscopic patterns that lighten up your home.

K: Remind us of your first steps on your JOURNEY INTO ABSTRACTION

BN: In the beginning, I did not believe in abstract paintings as beautiful and engaging pieces of art. I took about three years to move from fashion paintings with geometrical backgrounds to
deconstructed flowers to pure colourful abstraction – a process well worth it.

Below you see a compilation of favourite artworks from the 2022 series ART IN BLOOM.

Bettina Newbery: A selection from Art Candy, 2022 – centerpiece BLOOM XXVIII ROSE SUGAR


BN: I went from engaging with a representational interpretation of a subject, usually elegant ladies, to experimenting with a visual language that consists of shapes, forms, and gestural
marks to create compositions. I saw a challenge and I liked it!

My artistic journey of the last three years has been one big experiment: exploring graphic elements taken from nature, simple shapes that surround us. Prepare to be transported to a realm where imagination and reality blend seamlessly to create a breath-taking experience for your senses.

I am having fun with many more colours - portraits or abstracts, it is colour that brings the gift of magic to my paintings. I leave you with a quick preview of artworks painted in 2023 – a new series COLOUR x MAGIC.

Bettina Newbery, STAR VI – V1 AMETHYST, STARDUST series, 2022|23, Courtesy VISIONAIRE LONDON ®


Cover Image: Bettina Newbery, CHARLENE, 2019 | Star IV – V1 Apollo, 2022, Courtesy VISIONAIRE LONDON ®

Written by: Kooness

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