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VISIONAIRE LONDON’s British artist Bettina Newbery has been painting fine oil portraits inspired by fashion and popular culture since 2010. The 2022 ART CANDY floral paintings by Bettina Newbery transport us to a realm where shapes hold a new purity and colours burst with even greater intensity - a vibrant world alive with a kaleidoscope of hues! Let’s have a closer look.

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Kooness: How would you define the essence of your 2022 ART CANDY series?

BN: The ART CANDY series embodies a candy-coated aesthetic and luscious and decadent colour schemes - these pieces are a perfect blend of refined taste and artistic brilliance, making them the ideal addition to any living space.

Kooness: What inspired you to create the 2022 series?

BN: The 2022 series builds on the BLOOMS theme established in earlier works, taking the abstraction even further. The new collection features vivid and resplendent flower arrangements that exude unparalleled magnificence.

BLOOM XXVIII - ROSE SUGAR is a true embodiment of abstraction, showcasing a stunning and intricate textured rose in a mesmerising apricot coral colour. The classic heritage shape and green centre create a subtle yet striking contrast, making for a captivating artwork that evokes both modesty and a sense of desire and fascination.

Bettina Newbery: A selection from Art Candy, 2022 – centerpiece BLOOM XXVIII ROSE SUGAR


By pushing the boundaries of colour, I have intensified the contrast, creating unique colour schemes that lend the pieces a slightly surreal, otherworldly aesthetic. The result is an engrossing visual experience that is impossible to look away from.

Kooness: What makes the individual artworks in your 2022 ART CANDY series so attractive?

BN: The 2022 paintings transport us to a realm where shapes hold a new purity and colours burst with even greater intensity - a vibrant world alive with a kaleidoscope of hues!

Each of these authentic artworks has been composed with precision, boasting a seemingly uncomplicated appearance. Upon closer examination, however, one becomes entranced by a symphony of colours never before seen, revealing blooms that exceed all prior imaginings.

Bettina Newbery: A selection from Art Candy, 2022 – centerpiece BLOOM XXVIII ROSE SUGAR Courtesy VISIONAIRE LONDON ®

Kooness: Please describe some of the latest ART CANDY paintings

BN: The four examples showcased above boast a stunning collection of surreal and exquisite flower arrangements that evoke a magical world of candy-coated wonder and enchantment for the viewer to enjoy.

ROSE OLIVIA is distinguished by its stunning heaped rosettes boasting an even, warm mid-pink hue.

PEONY PINK SORBET is a gorgeous peony variety, featuring a lovely light pink colour palette accented with a subtle darker pink centre. This delicate balance of hues creates a soft and gentle ambiance within the painting that is both calming and delightful.

PEONY PINK HAWAIIAN is a fragrant and splendid piece, featuring delicate semi-double coral pink flowers painted lovingly with a brush and fine oils. The intricate attention to detail and the richness of the colours make this artwork truly stand out, exuding an aura of refined beauty.

BELLE is truly a masterpiece - a stunning coral-coloured bloom with softly faded edges, as though delicately bleached at the tips. The rich, vivacious colours are balanced perfectly by the delicately nuanced shades, making for a captivating yet understated piece.

Kooness: Do you have any favourites?

BN: It's a tough call.

Bettina Newbery: BLOOM XXIv CORA from Art Candy, 2022 Courtesy


While BLOOM XXVIII - ROSE SUGAR certainly steals the show with its stunning apricot coral colour, BLOOM XX - CORA's exuberant and vibrant display is equally appealing. CORA, a charming peony with 'picotee' pink ruffled petals and beautifully rounded white and light rose blooms is a delightful addition to any collection.

Both artworks offer a unique and exquisite visual experience, each worthy of admiration.

Kooness: Abstracted florals have gained immense popularity in the world of art collectors and private households. What, in your view, could be the reason behind their widespread appeal?

BN: Floral abstracts play a pivotal role in contemporary art, contributing to the aesthetic appeal of any environment, displaying incredible diversity, as demonstrated by the following two examples:

Experience the breath-taking beauty of TIMELESS ROSES - the perfectly symmetrical rosette blooms in soft shades of warm pink and purple combine to create a sumptuous visual display that exudes a timeless charm.


n the second example, ALADDIN, the deconstructed tulip flower takes centre stage. The flower’s simplistic shape, combined with a vibrant burst of colour, creates an aura of supreme drama - a perfect addition to any home or office space.

Kooness: Will you continue to use flowers throughout 2023 and beyond?

BN: Yes, floral paintings and their refinement are important to me. I plan to continue indulging in awe-inspiring artwork by incorporating innovative colour combinations and eclectic patterns - a tactic that elevates the appeal of floral abstracts even further.

Drawing inspiration from graphic elements found in nature and basic shapes that surround us, I revel in exploring an array of colours. To leave you on a cliff-hanger – have you ever heard of BLUE ROSES? Watch the space …

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Cover Image: Bettina Newbery, A selection from Art Candy, 2022 Courtesy VISIONAIRE LONDON ®

Written by Kooness

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