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Boston Artist Showcases Vibrant Artwork and Exclusive NFTs in Newbury Street's Premier Contemporary Gallery

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Boston's renowned Pellas Gallery, located on Newbury Street, is set to host a highly anticipated solo exhibition featuring the vibrant and captivating artwork of local artist Timmy Sneaks. The exhibition, titled "Love Me, Love Me Not," will run from July 21 to September 17, 2022, showcasing Sneaks' signature style characterized by bright colors and iconic pop characters. In addition to the traditional artworks, the exhibition will also feature exclusive new Timmy Sneaks NFTs (non-fungible tokens), marking a new venture for the artist.

Timmy Sneaks, a graduate of the prestigious Savannah College of Art and Design, has gained recognition for his unique mixed media approach, utilizing mediums such as spray paint, acrylic, pastel, oil, collage, resin, and marker. His artwork has graced major art markets across the globe, including New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and even Austria. Sneaks draws inspiration from various artistic movements, including cubism, futurism, pop art, and abstract expressionism, resulting in a visually striking fusion of styles.

Sneaks' talent has not gone unnoticed by high-profile individuals, as he has created custom pieces for celebrities like Rob Kardashian, Scott Disick, DJ Khaled, Post Malone, and Tdot Illdude. However, his journey to success was not without challenges. Prior to dedicating himself fully to painting, Sneaks worked as a tattoo artist. In 2014, he made the courageous decision to pursue painting full time, setting himself a goal to showcase his work at Art Basel Miami in 2015. Through perseverance and determination, Sneaks secured a spot at Spectrum Miami, where he sold numerous pieces, solidifying his belief in his artistic path.


Timmy Sneaks. From the Beginning. Courtesy of Pellas Gallery

Harnessing the power of social media, Sneaks has effectively promoted his artwork to a wide audience, attracting the attention of collectors, athletes, musicians, actors, and art enthusiasts from around the world. Recognizing the immense potential of social media, Sneaks remarks, "I’ve always said that social media is like walking around with a gallery in your pocket. We now have access to show millions of people our work that otherwise they would only see if it was hanging in a gallery in a city they traveled to."

Alfredo Pellas, co-owner of Pellas Gallery, expresses admiration for Sneaks' artistic progression, stating, "Every time he brings something to the gallery, it’s more refined than the last. He’s really what you search for in an artist, always pushing the limits, refining and honing his craft yet maintaining that power where you can see any of his works and immediately say, 'That’s a Timmy Sneaks piece.'" Pellas emphasizes the gallery's commitment to supporting Sneaks' career and propelling him to new heights.

In addition to the traditional artworks, Pellas Gallery will introduce a digital component to the exhibition by showcasing two new NFTs created by Timmy Sneaks. This innovative approach aligns with Pellas Gallery's mission to blend traditional and digital art forms, offering a hybrid model of artistic expression.

Pellas Gallery, founded by art collectors Alfredo Pellas IV and Isabel Arguello, seeks to discover and showcase the best emerging talent, with a focus on both local and global artists. Located on Newbury Street, the gallery serves as a platform for artists from diverse backgrounds, bringing together works from prominent West Coast artists as well as international artists from Japan, the UK, China, and beyond. Pellas and Arguello envision each artwork as not only a thing of beauty but also a valuable investment for collectors.

Cover Image: Timmy Sneaks. Destiny. Courtesy of Pellas Gallery

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