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What Is an Art Advisor and an Art Consultant? Read the article to discover the seemingly professions and how they can revolutionize your space.

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Art advisors play a crucial role in art deals with private collectors, interior designers and property developers. They source the best artwork pieces, and are often involved in the purchasing stage with the ultimate goal of expanding a private’s collection. Art consultants, instead, take part in sourcing artworks for professionals such as architects and interior designers. Usually, art consultants only deal with contemporary art and specialize in bespoke art. 

Why should I hire an art consultant?

It always turns out to be a significant advantage to hire an expert. Between the two jobs, the art consultants are the ones who are considered experts and passionates who have a vast knowledge in the contemporary art scene and market. They will know the ins and outs of emerging artists and styles. Some services an art consultant may offer includes providing advice on acquiring an art piece. An art consultant is the only one who will find the ideal artworks for your space and transform it from top to bottom, with their understanding and taste. 

Living Room with Art. Courtesy of Ralph Lauren.

Curating spaces: The crucial role of Art in Interior Design

Art is a fundamental aspect for an interior design project. Whether it is an imposing or a modest artwork, it gives depth to the room and enriches the ambience. Not only, yet an artwork gives personality to a space. Interior designers utilize artworks to create focal points, make the room look larger resulting in a totally unique space.

How do interior designers and art consultants source art?

Quoted by Rachel Chudley: interior designers often have the privilege of visiting artist studios and actually call it the “highlight of their job” From these visits, they manage to have a bigger perspective on what could be part of a house. It can be very hard to place significant and recognizable artworks as they can change the whole message of the room. For sure, it’s part of the interior designers job to have good taste, in fact, the motto often is “you can’t go wrong because you like it.”

Ralph Lauren. Traditional House.

So what are the roles of art advisors and art consultants? How do they collaborate with interior designers?

Art advisors tend to work with private individuals whose aim is to build and manage art collections over time, taking into consideration personal tastes and investment goals. On the other hand, art consultants curate and commission specific projects. Overall, it can be said that art advisors work closely with a customer and art consultants work with a business. Guess who has both! Visit our Advisory page for your private advisor or visit our Trade Page for a selection who targets hotels, restaurants, yachts and luxury estates.

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