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Few artists are able to captivate the human form in all of its beauty. For Walter Diem, a 77-year-old Swiss-German artist, the exploration of the human body through nude painting has been a lifelong passion.

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Drawing inspiration from the strokes of Egon Schiele, Diem has dedicated over forty years to master the female form in his artworks. However, it was a chance encounter with the male model "Miruh" that sparked a new chapter in Diem's work journey.

To achieve his new artistic goal he spent most of the time in his house in Ticino, Diem embarked on a transformative exploration of Schiele's oeuvre, guided by the presence of Miruh. The result was an astonishing series of over 50 paintings, each a testament to Diem's unwavering commitment to his style. While the influence of Schiele is unmistakable, Diem's bold and expressive strokes are uniquely his own. 

“Picture Nr. 2024-C.19/39/14/17” by Walter Diem. Courtesy of Kunstzürichsüd 

In the artist’s opinion, the beauty of nude painting is not only its aesthetic. Through his art, he seeks to celebrate the beauty of the human form in all its diversity, refraining from any hint of sexism or objectification. Each stroke of his oil crayons and graphite pencils is a demonstration of his deep admiration towards the human body's complexities.

Nevertheless, Diem's artistic journey extends beyond his studio. From his successful London shows to the formation of his artist’s collective, Diem keeps pushing the case for nude painting around the world despite finding himself marginalized from many artistic communities. Even when facing these obstacles, Diem's faith in the power of his art remains persistent. 

“Picture Nr. 2024-C.41” by Walter Diem. Courtesy of Kunstzürichsüd 


Away from the canvas, Diem finds solace and inspiration in the richness of Swiss tradition. As a devoted member of two yodeling clubs and being a successful Alphorn player, he illustrates the fusion of tradition and innovation that defines his artistic practice. These hobbies not only ground him yet also fuels his creativity. 

Looking ahead, the artist’s aspirations are clear; he wants to preserve his art for generations to come. Whether decorating the walls of an art-lover’s home or hand to be exhibited at a museum, his works serve as a timeless statement of the steady power of the human form.

In a world that is constantly evolving, Walter Diem stands as a beacon of art within his style. Through his tenacious dedication to his works and his unwavering passion for the human form, he reminds us of the timeless beauty that lies within us all. His journey is not just about painting; it's about understanding and celebrating the essence of humanity itself.

Cover image: Walter Diem Landschaften. Picture Nr. 2024 - C.2, Picture Nr. 2024-C.28. Courtesy of Kunstzürichsüd

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