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Picture Nr. 2024-C.39




60 x 80 cm
24 x 31.50 in







Mixed Media on paper

1947 Langnau am Albis, Switzerland

Nude painting remains one of the most attractive subjects in art. Artists cannot imagine a better form than that of the human body. Thus, nude painting is the foundation of art. The power of the naked body fascinates the whole world. Many artists, in a realistic way, depict nudity in paintings. For this reason, nude painting remains crucial in art.

Diem's nude paintings trigger enthusiasm. In March 2018, Walter Diem presented his "Erotic Sketches" for the first time, which captivated visitors. Diem's works fascinate with their lightness and high level of drawing skills. The nudity of the models appears very relaxed and natural in the artworks. The paintings range from pure brush paintings to delicate pastel drawings with wood stain watercolor technique. He's been very thoughtful about what it means to do a nude exhibition in the age of the #MeToo movement, which has almost led to an iconoclasm. However, he sees nothing sexist in his pictures, only aesthetic. Walter Diem (1947) has been painting nudes for over 35 years. He sees his erotic sketches between the romantic, decorative Art Nouveau paintings of Alphonse Mucha and the hard, provocative paintings of Egon Schiele. And he truly does not need to shy away from an international comparison in nude painting. Today, his collection of works includes over a thousand paintings that have rarely been shown in public. Diem attended the Zurich School of Applied Arts for over four years, where his drawing achievements were already highly praised (only top marks). He worked with Maître Milo (Emil Halbheer) in the south of France, who taught him more looseness in painting. In a nude painting group under the direction of the well-known women's painter Peter Andi Andermatt in Grüningen, Walter Diem became fascinated by the aesthetics of the female body as a pictorial subject and has not let him go until today.

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Under the name Kunstzürichsüd lives a politically and denominationally independent association based in Adliswil. The purpose of the association is to promote artistic creation in the whole region of Zurich South, to encourage joint work and to organize exhibitions in Switzerland and abroad. We operate our own gallery - the Galerie kunstzürichsüd - at Z...

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