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The sixth edition of the contemporary art fair MAPA 2024 has just opened its doors to the public. Julia Baitalá Gallery is participating in showcasing “Con-vergencias”. The exhibition wants to have a viewer's focus on the title, a wordplay that alludes to two situations: in which the spectator must be present with the work while also focusing and carefully examining the paintings of five artists, who provide a challenge to our naturally held beliefs. 

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The gallery specializes in geometric, contemporary, and modern art, with works by high-profile contemporary artists like Juan Melé representing the specific art movement, as well as artists like Cecilia Soldano and Cristina Hauk, Iliana Regueiro, Josefina Fossatti, and many more.

One of the artists represented is Christina Hauk. She challenges herself by using simple shapes and repeating them it gives them beauty and complexity. With this way of manipulating shapes, we can perceive her impeccable technique of blending colors and shapes, so that they can appear to dance. For her, the dance that her paintings transmit symbolizes the potential of change. Represented by color and its nuances, are the spectator's impacts on human relationships, which are often influenced by other people’s opinions. Depending on one’s point of view, there might be divergence, concordance, movement, and change.

Cristina Hauk, Transparencias 004. Courtesy of Julia Baitalá Gallery


Josefina Fossatti, professor of visual arts, relies her work on the potential of a procedural framework. The arrangement of elements serves as symbols following a method, a logic. Her focus lies in crafting modular sequences through the repetition of a simple shape. She aims not to describe, but to encode, the only thing that grasps the fundamental, proposing a comprehensive reading of a few elements. The painting tacitly embodies an exercise of thought. She views it as a field of contingency where the possibility of thinking language from it exists, indicating its existence, asserting that what is seen doesn't settle in what is pronounced. Consequently, her relationship with painting is one of exploration, not research on the painting itself.


Cristina Hauk, Instantes 008. Courtesy of Julia Baitalá Gallery

In the Series Situaciones, silence, synthesis, and the continuous use of the same form are sought. Each repetition of the process is used as a starting point for the next iteration, opposing the idea of finality, since they do not indicate an origin but propose their determination in the subsequent and successive, sustaining from the repeated use of a simple form the multitude of possibilities where a truth operates.

Another artist exhibited in Con-vergencias is Iliana Regueiro, born in 1966 in Argentina. Her work is in constant evolution, the colors and sequence from her previous series are completely manipulated and transformed into something new. By flattening and alternating them, her previous works lose their original meaning giving space to a new way of perceiving the work. Originated by an inner reflection of the artist, a type of reconstruction process takes place.

Every single one of the parts functions as a word in a narrative; every color and every form functions as an adjective or noun. In fact, in her paintings, there is a formal dialogue between several languages through the use of abstract symbols, fragments, and signs that are perfectly combined.

Iliana Regueiro, Serie Promesa #7. Courtesy of Julia Baitalá Gallery


In conclusion, the participation of Galería Julia Baitalá at MAPA 2024 from April 4th to April 7th, epitomizes the essence of modern geometric art. Through the works of esteemed artists presenting a visual experience that transcends mere observation. This fusion of artistic expression and immersive experience showcases the gallery's commitment to fostering a dialogue between art and its audience, ultimately enriching the cultural landscape. Through their presence at MAPA 2024, Galería Julia Baitalá underscores its dedication to promoting diverse artists, both locally and internationally, in dynamic and engaging ways.

Cover image: Courtesy of Julia Baitalá. Josefina Fossati. Superficies Oblicuas N3.

Written by Asia Artom

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