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Kooness announced its collaboration with nhow Milano that involves six of the hotel's suites and junior suites in the Milanese scene.

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This year Kooness partnered with nhow Milano, one of the prominent players in the Hotelerie’s scene. The Hotel in Via Tortona 35, the hot design district area of the Milanese city, has six artworks from Kooness in six of their suites and junior suites on view, to give them a personal and unique style. Art and Design are blending together, as art is essential in the creation of a space.

The nhow brand is part of Minor Hotels: a hotel owner, operator and investor with worldwide venues. Nhow Milano plays between disruptive and lifestyle tendencies inside the Milanese art scenery, where originality and curiosity are the key terms of the collaboration. The aim is to promote the young generations of emerging artists, as Kooness does through its platform and to attract visitors, giving them the possibility to admire the beauty of the artworks in the intimate space of the bedroom. The exhibited artworks bring an innovative touch to common areas and private rooms. 

In honor of the collaboration, Kooness selected the abstract artworks by Caroline Pera to decorate the walls of one suite and five junior suites. The artworks have been chosen to match with the colours and design of the interiors, whose colours range from bright orange and gold to dark violet, electric pink and intense blue. In fact, every room has a different colour and aa special living space with natural light coming in which illuminates the artworks on the walls.

nhow Milano junior suite with Caroline Pera's Artwork. Courtesy of Kooness and nhow Milano

Caroline Pera is a french-american artist born and raised in Milan. She graduated from the Central Saint Martins in London and her art works have been exhibited in important cities such as London, Milan, New York and Vienna. Her signature lies in the creation of raw linen canvases that gives a touch of fresh air to the rooms. The delicate background in contrast with the vibrant abstract and sinuous images the artist paints, give the viewer the possibility to emerge and get lost  inside them. The figures, often, recall natural forms such as flowers and marine waves. The artist celebrates organic forms, time, movement and colours.

For the cherry on top, Kooness has selected the artwork “Revolution” by Albert Pinya, serigraphy printed on a silk foulard.  Albert Pinya is a Spanish artist who lives and works in Palma de Maiorca. For this artwork the artist fused his spanish roots using the typical texture from the island, with his ironical and pop style, to emphasize some of the typical conflicts of our everyday reality and of our present society. He has quickly developed his own identifiable style, in which he applies the codes of popular culture, comics, illustration and a meditatively naïve aesthetic that conceals a precise treatment of the themes he explores. His work renounces "l'art pour l'art" and understands that, being as it is a means of expression, art is eminently communicative and must always be based on an ideology. For all these reasons, rather than speaking of 'artistic creation' we should speak of 'artistic reaction'.

nhow Milano junior suite with Caroline Pera's Artwork. Courtesy of Kooness and nhow Milano.

The collaboration between Kooness and nhow Milano was able to create an individual approach, combining both the contemporary charm of the curated pieces by Caroline Pera and the unique narration found in the “Revolution” Silk Foulard by Albert Pinya. The collaboration transformed the atmosphere of the suites and has established a synergy that invites hosts to immerse themselves in a world where each trait of paint on the raw linen canvas or the silk of the foulard tells a story of Milanese vivacity.

Cover image: nhow orange room with Caroline Pera's Artworks. Courtesy of Kooness and nhow Hotel

Written by Asia Artom

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