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Baldwin Projects, the new entry at Kooness, do not miss their incredible selection of prints and editions! 

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Dear Baldwin Projects, Kooness is excited to exhibit your artists and your works! Would you like to tell us more about your story and about how your project was born?

Our founder began his art world journey originally as a collector, spending many years collecting art before he even considered selling a work. Following a couple of auction sales a passion for dealing art was created and before he knew it - the Baldwin Projects gallery was born. So as a result of this, we don't consider ourselves to be set up like alot of our competitor galleries - first and foremost we operate with the mindset of a collector, with the 'business' element of the gallery coming in second.

Our gallery is located in South Kensington, London, with a global client base and international shipping. We have a fully operational website and we run an active page on Instagram.



Alejandro Cardenas, View of Virginia Key, 2021. Courtesy Baldwin Projects


With Baldwin Projects you offer high-quality contemporary artworks created by era-defining Contemporary artists. How do you move in the secondary market? How do you define and select your great body of works?

At Baldwin Projects we focus on quite a tight scope of contemporary artists; those who we consider to be 'era-defining'. We prefer this label as oppose to the more traditional categorisation of 'blue chip' / 'red chip' / 'emerging'. Within this, we look for the finest examples of each artist's work which we can source and sell at competitive prices.

By focusing upon the secondary market we feel that this allows us to act totally and 100% in the best interest of our clients to provide the highest quality advice and service in all aspects our gallery operations.

Ultimately, we are a client-led business and so we are constantly scanning the market in response to our customers needs. Our most traded artists are currently Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst, Banksy, KAWS, David Shrigley, David Hockney, Traey Emin, Keith Haring, Takashi Murakami, Bridget Riley, Harland Miller, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Yoshitomo Nara. We do also specialise in a number of younger artists, such as Jerkface, Bradley Theodore, Nicolas Party, Thierry Noir, Stik and Loie Hollowell.



Jordy Kerwick, Black of the Sun, 2020. Courtesy Baldwin Projects


When it comes to the topic of editions, there is a lot to know and we would love to hear more about that. I'd say that the starting point could be: What is the difference between editions and reproductions?

The editions we deal in are typically signed and numbered, with full provenance and authenticity back to the studio where the work was produced. 'Reproductions' are more likely to be what many in the trade refer to as 'non-editioned multiples', although the lines can get blurry for example in the case of a unnumbered release produced in a limited quantity but with the edition size unknown. As always, knowledge and understanding of what your are collecting is paramount - we work tirelessly with our collectors to help them to understand the works on offer and the value that they can present by being added to their collections.

What about COAs? Could you explain a bit the process for certifying the authenticity of an edition?

Every work we sell comes with a Baldwin Projects gallery COA, which documents in detail all the known provenance associated with the work. In the majority of cases the works we sell come with the original invoice and / or COA from the publisher. Our gallery team have a wealth of experience in dealing in the art that we handle, and we regularly liaise with the artist's studio / publisher / managers / representatives where needed.

Anything else we should know or keep in mind?

Our gallery also offers an advisory division, Baldwin Acquisitions*, where our team specialises in advising investment-conscious clients on the buying and selling of works of art created by established and historically significant modern and contemporary artists. The platform provides industry intelligence, market analysis, artwork pricing and collection management, offering professional guidance to collectors in all aspects of acquiring contemporary art as well as building and refining collections. We are particularly active in creating value-driven transactions, often structured under a co-ownership model between the gallery and our clients.


KAWS, Gone - Blue, 2019. Courtesy Baldwin Projects


Cover image: Tracey Emin, You Forgot Who You Are, 2013

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