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A Swiss online gallery, precisely from Luzern, invites worldwide artists to expose their artworks.

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A contemporary online art gallery founded in Luzern with unique and international artists combines cultures and creative collections for online viewers and collectors to grasp. 
Established in 2020, Art Voyage was founded by Anastasia Vasilyeva, an artist who works in the field of scientific art and who encourages artists to grow on platforms such as Kooness. Over these three years, she has become personally acquainted with the artists and their work and has decided to take on the role of gallerist. Inspired to build her own artist community with professionals from different countries, the founder gives value and a strong influence on the gallery. Not only European, Mexican, and South African artists, but also Ukrainian sculptors and talents with their own artists’ studio. Two of them being Nataliya Bagarskaya, an artist whose strength is to reinvent the Mona Lisa through modern images, and Olga Radionova, an abstract sculptor who works with wood and textile. 

Despite the presence of figurative painting and a focus in hyperrealism to interior abstraction, modern abstract art, such as painting and sculpture is the gallery’s workhorse.

Nataliya Bagatskaya. The 10 Day Diet, 2022. Courtesy of Art Voyage Gallery

Anastasia Vasilyeva started her collaborations through different networks. For instance, she started working with the artist Olga Nikitina after starting a project on her YouTube channel called “Meet the artist”, where different artists had the chance to talk about themselves and their art. Olga Nikitina is very proud of her partnership with Art Voyage, and Kooness as she cites “Anastasia as an art curator has a very good taste and a sense of the contemporary art market. She chooses artists to be represented in the gallery who works in different styles, and subjects. The collaboration with Art Voyage gallery brought me to the next level of development as an artist, it expands my opportunities to be more visible to art collectors and be represented on established art marketplaces.”

A second artist, Dasha Podogina, has been working through online platforms and said that this opened new opportunities for her as her visibility has increased and curators have actively and qualitatively selected her artworks. 

Dasha Pogodina. Silence Love, 2022. Courtesy of Art Voyage Gallery

Artists working on online platforms feel like they have a greater opportunity in the art market to be seen. This project is long-lasting and ever-changing, giving space for artists to express themselves. Discover all artists from Art Voyage on Kooness!

Cover image: Olga Radionova. Geometry, 2020. Courtesy of Art Voyage Gallery

Written by: Sveva Berto

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