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A deep-dive into the world of scientific art with the Swiss-Russian emerging artist Anastasia Vasilyeva.

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The Swiss-Russian artist makes her debut on Kooness and exhibits her artworks! Born in the early 80s in an artists-family, Anastasia Vasilyeva cultivated and transferred her knowledge from exam papers to canvases. The artist, before being an artist, succeeded to achieve a Diploma of Applied Mathematics from the State University of St. Petersburg.

Inspired by artists like Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock, Kandinsky, and Gerhard Richter, she makes a conceptual contribution to Contemporary Art. Her goal is to combine abstract expressionism to science and mathematics. By all means, she connects human’s logic structures to emotions and creativity, also known as the human right-brain and left-brain. Not only this results in aesthetic and deep artworks, yet they convey expressionism and feed an impulse to question and meditate. 

There are many different ways to use mathematics through art – for instance, using shapes, such as circles, line segments, circular arcs, and more… Anastasia Vasilyeva’s way is by placing formulas and geometric forms on the canvas. In each artwork, a formula or mathematical description have been used to determine the meaning of the painting.


The balance between structure and freedom is what creates her signature technique. Vasilyeva, in fact, combines two opposing complexities, where she delivers flow and movement to her paintings albeit the mathematical formulas. The artist is focused on endless details, just as much as she concentrates on the vivacity of a painting through the choice of meditative tints. The oxymoron of naming a painting with a very soothing name such as “Peace and Harmony,” reflected by its colours and applied to a complex physics formula makes the watcher curious and engaged.


Her paintings are also a metaphor for how nature and science blend together, pushing the viewers to unravel the codes and formulas. "My art is a manifesto of gratitude to science for all the innovations of our modern world." The artist shows her passion and appreciation towards these two practices, she usually mixes acrylic paints directly on the canvas.

Unwinding her Artworks

Anastasia Vasilyeva. Blue Waves, 2021. Courtesy of Art Voyage Gallery


Blue Waves theory is from the “Wave Theory Collection.” The arrangement of the different tonalities of blues, reassuring and reminiscent to the ocean and the mathematical formula “Wave Theory” can be seen as two forces raising each other. The ingenious concept makes it unique and unforgettable. This artwork was painted with a mixed technique, using oil and acrylic paint.


Anastasia Vasilyeva. Old Schoolboard Nr.8, 2019. Courtesy of Art Voyage Gallery


The painting Old Schoolboard is from the “Science Art Collection.” Through this artwork, she stretches the idea of mathematics by placing a more than compound formula to make the watcher overcome the fear of mathematics and, even feel its beauty. The painting uses tints and shades of blue and green, to create a profound effect.


As an emerging artist, her artworks are currently held in private collections in the United States, Europe and Russia. The artist won a certificate from the MoMa in 2018. Add a touch of maths to your art collection to spice it up and make sure you check out all of her works on Kooness!

Cover image: Anastasia Vasilyeva. Peace and Harmony 2019. Courtesy of Art Voyage Gallery 

Written by: Sveva Berto

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