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Discover the new art fair for Zürich.

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It is known that Switzerland is at the top of the ranking when it comes to the global art market, mainly thanks to its purchasing power and benefits of buying art. 

Since last year, the country’s fruitful line-up of art events became even more fruitful after its new addition of Art Salon Zürich, whose main focus is to go back to the roots - focusing on the glocalization rather than the globalization of art, and giving a voice to Swiss galleries and surrounding countries. The fair’s purpose is to connect artists to their audience and transform Zürich to an open art hub. 

This year, Art Salon Zürich comes back with a sum of 30 national and international galleries presenting over 300 emerging artists with art from 1945 onwards. The fair founders, Fabian Walter - Fabian & Claude Walter Gallery, Zürich - and Sven Eisenhut - founding director of Photo Basel -, experienced great success in 2022. For this reason, the two founders are very oriented towards expanding the event, yet want to make sure the boutique format remains across the next editions, as it has attracted a new generation of art lovers. 

Art Salon Zürich presents a combination of physical and digital artworks, as one of its goals is to promote sustainability in art and strengthen the value of regionally rooted and internationally connected art.

Werkstadt Zürich in Altstetten. SBB Station, Zurich. Courtesy of Art Salon Zürich

The location of the fair is the same as last year’s — Werkstadt Zürich in Altstetten.

The presenting galleries are: Gallery H.A.N, Galerie Andres Thalmann, Art Forum Ute Barth, Artstübli Galerie, Arte Giani, Bechter Kastowsky Galerie, Bildhalle, Galerie da Mihi, Galerie Ars 28, schauraum multipleart, Ennik Fine Art, Fabian & Claude Walter Galerie, Galerie & Edition Stephan Witschi, Galerie Albrecht, Galerie Alex Schlesinger, Galerie am Lindenplatz, Galerie Bernhard Bischoff & Partner, Galerie Obrist, Galerie Robert Drees, Galerie Soon.

Cover Image: Art Salon Zürich 2023. Courtesy of Art Salon Zürich

Written by: Kooness

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