Home Magazine A Tale of Loss, Discovery, and Collective Identity: Exploring the Artistic Journey of Six Artists

In a world marked by struggles and the challenges of integration, six artists, namely B. Renekouzou, Exocé Kasongo, Melody Howse, Thomias Radin, Selassie, and Elihu Ashong, embark on a journey to be seen and perceived. Bound by a shared history and ancestry that form an integral part of their identity, these artists hold onto a common desire for recognition and understanding.

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Through a captivating blend of music, dance, and visual art, these artists channel their energy into individual artworks and a collaborative performance, weaving together their collective heritage. Selassie recognizes the power of visual art and music as cultural agents that bridge the gap between personal and collective memory, transcending mere aesthetic criteria.

Presented at the esteemed ARTCO Gallery in Berlin until June 10th, this exhibition serves as an interdisciplinary showcase of "contemporary ancestry." It offers viewers an opportunity to witness the unfolding of a transformative experience. The exhibition is built upon the curatorial concept by Beverly Renekouzou, whose recent work series, "Honorer le sacrifice," initiated in 2022, pays homage to the generations of individuals who migrated to Europe from the African continent, contributing to its economic prosperity.