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Artsight is showcasing the works of Carolina Arciprete and women from around the world

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Kooness: What Does Your Artwork Represent?

Caterina Arciprete: My work is centered on hidden vibrations. The energy that can be found behind the form of everything. My idea is one of showing a world where emotions are the only important things. A world where matter is a means to contain what the soul is. The essence of a fluctuating world, the Ukiyoe, as the Japanese would say in the Edo period. A world that wants to narrate and report daily existence, but with the hope of going beyond in the light which has no necessities.  

K: What Inspires You?

CA: The epiphany is the moment in which I see and feel this energy. The moment in which I am able to feel and see what surrounds me. I find inspiration around the world, to find new landscapes and meet new people. Then, I have to work with what I see in my studio, alone, with silence. 


Caterina Arciprete. Clouds and Waves, 2023. Courtesy of Artsight Gallery

K: Describe how art is important to society

CA: Art is an important communication channel. One of the only ones completely free from strings. It's the means to report, tell and narrate the artist’s microcosmos in relation with the macrocosmos of the time that comes. Art has the power to change everyday life. An artwork can evoke an emotion, a doubt, a turmoil. An artwork can open debates and influence decisions. It can drive the attention to problems and find the solutions through the right collaborations. What I hope my next project will bring. 

K: How do you help or affect societal issues?

CA: Today I am working on a collective international project: Art for women today. We realized the project with the gallery Artsight in Stockholm. We have invited women artists from different countries to come and tell us about their point of view on contemporary women, based on their personal experiences. The project will be sustained by Pianoterra/ Save the children. The auction books’ sale revenue that the gallery will organize, will be donated to the women and their children. The art project will be ready in a few months. We hope we will be able to showcase our artworks in different countries. We will start our exhibition in Stockholm, then we will go to Italy, where the Pianoterra association will open a new space. I like to think of art as being able to do such things! 


Caterina Arciprete. Wishes and Dreams, 2023. Courtesy of Artsight Gallery

K: What is the goal of your artworks?

CA: My artworks want to give the viewer the hope of possibility. A more profound vision of what is around us, a more empathic vision of the world and of who lives in it. My artworks want to be a means to let the emotions flow, and tell a story beyond the ordinary. The goal of my works is to create a reflective pause that with projects such as “Art for women today” can also be socially useful.

Cover image: Caterina Arciprete. Kaja Bar Stockholm, 2023. Courtesy of Artsight Gallery

Written by Asia Artom

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