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The Museum of Modern Art recently announced plans of hosting a full exhibition dedicated to iconic pieces from the fashion world.  At the end of next year, the contemporary gallery space of MoMA will display a selection of 99 garments and accessories including t-shirts, Levi jeans, and little black dresses, items that have had a strong impact on history and society in the 20th and 21st centuries.


The exhibition  "Items: Is Fashion Modern?" will demonstrate fashion's multi-faceted historical contributions to mod our contemporary world. Curated by Paola Antonelli each of the 99 items will be explored along three tiers: archetype, stereotype, and prototype. It explores the present, past, and future of each piece and investigates how they continue to hold currency today.


Antonelli further stated in a blogpost on the MoMA website that "Historically, the museum has deliberately chosen not to engage with fashion in its galleries or its repositories, wary of those most anti-modern terms with which it is often derided: ephemeral, seasonal, faddish,". This show comes in a string of recent fashion related exhibitions hosted by big museums, like the Met’s "China Through the Looking Glass,”. However, if fashion related exhibitions are only a fad is yet to been seen.

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