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SLOW MATTER is a Matteo Naggi solo show curated by Anna D'Ambrosio with a critical text by Massimo Mazzone.

"How the time is changed in this new revolution and how this new track of time has changed our perception of the world? "

The post-modern man lives in haste, always in an emergency of time. In the hurry human existential we are in a temporal emergency, we have no time. We don't have the right availability to understand what happens, to reflect and elaborate concepts. Hurry neglects does not allow the elaboration of a critical thought like creative beings.

Maybe we have to reconsidering time in a different dimension, in slowness, to reappropriate the concept of being human

In this sense, this exhibition is an oppurtunity to get close to a personal reflection about how to making sculpture in this time with a specif connection with the architecture. Indeed, in the Matteo Naggi work's the relationship between sculpture and architecture becomes more and more evident, necessary for survival in a growing idea of experience and place. So, for the artist all of his works are not just gods sculptures but real "constructions".

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