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Amy_d Arte Spazio was born from the need to communicate, through the language of contemporary art, the relationship existing between individuals and economy. Peculiar features of our times are uncertainty and instability, which can be both found in contemporary art. A Liquid Art that fails to maintain a form: it is constantly changing, and change itself is its only constant. In February 2010, the gallery – 350 sq.m. in the central Via Lovanio, in the Brera Design District – opens its doors with “TITOLI. Arte tra finanza e mercato", the first project/exhibition of the economART platform. In 2014, "The Transparent Dream" inaugurates a new season. The heart of the project is the contamination between disciplines that are, at first sight, very different and distant. By developing the technological innovations on an expressive and communicative level, a new language restores the ”experiential" and "emotional" value, going beyond the economic one. The research and the collaboration with several research institutes – Politecnico di Milano, the Smart Materials department of the IIT in Genoa, the University of Salerno, the Torvergata University in Rome, the Genoa Festival of Science – and companies are aware choices of the gallery, which invests in new generation materials such as graphene, Aerogel, smart bio-plastics and Aeropan and creates new opportunities for artists – younger and lesser young – who are willing to experiment in an authentically contemporary Art.

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