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"All things transitory
Are only symbols;
What is insufficient,
Here becomes an event;
The indescribable
Here is accomplished;
The eternal feminine
Pulls us upwards.

Goethe: Faust II, Vers 12104 ff. / Chorus mysticus – Closing verses to Faust II

The link between the works of the artists Isabel Consigliere (Italy), Irene Cruz (Spain-Germany) and Belen Ordovas (Spain) is undoubtedly the subtle, and perhaps sometimes unconscious, representation of the feminine. The eternal feminine, that favor Dei that every woman possesses within herself, inherently, and that is not to be confused with the femininity, ensemble of the physical, psychological and behavioral characteristics judged by a specific culture to be ideally associated with the idea of women, in distinction from men. Looking at the works of Consigliere, Ordovas and Cruz, one feels embraced by the intimate secret of the eternal feminine, which, as Rudolf Steiner said about the Goethe’s verses introducing this text: “here he means the female sex. He refers to that profundity signifying the human soul as related to the mystery of the world (…) It has nothing to do with something feminine in the ordinary sense. Therefore can we truly seek this ever-womanly in man and woman: the ever-womanly which aspires to the union with the ever-manly in the cosmos, to become one with the Divine-Spiritual that inter-penetrates and permeates the world towards which Faust strives.”

Discreet as a maiden from the past , bearer of the feminine mystery, the message in the works of these three artists – admirably transmitted by each through their own medium: painting, photography and sculpture – is never shouted, blatant, exuberant, nor highlighted in an explicit way, but it rather comes across in a subtle, acute and delicate way, for the attentive eyes that will be able to read it.

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