"Il Gioco Riflesso" is an exhibition, curated by Marilena Morabito, Aurelia Nicolosi and Floriana Spanò, which sees several artists who have addressed the issue in question, according to their own experiential/creative path, according to two different modalities: that of the relationship between individuals and the psychological-emotional as a means to meet the challenges and objectives of life. The title of the exhibition implies, in fact, a deep meaning of the game in which the lightness, the creativity and the desire/need for creativity and the desire/need to relate between individuals is the counterbalance to the psychological need in which the game itself becomes a reflection of man free from external and social conditioning. We know, through recent studies on educational activities and therapeutic art, that playful evolution grows and changes hand in hand with the intellectual and psychological development of man, regardless of age, and responds to a need and a pleasure to play. The artists, therefore, have been confronted with different artistic mediums: from painting to drawing, from graphics to installation. The works, consequently, are the reflection of individual and collective experiences individual and collective experiences, a mirror of the self in relation to the external environment and society. They touch in a transversal way the manifestation of the emotions, the comparison with others and the achievement of individual well-being.