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Works by Salvo Rivolo

Salvo Rivolo is a Sicilian painter who trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo, where he graduated in 2013.

His works bear witness to an investigation that starts from a careful look at reality, which is transformed into a synthesis between the dreamlike and the poetic.

His stories belong to a contemporary simplicity of style, where the color pink, which appears “light” in an ideal sense, is the right medium to allow the artist to express everything he feels without censorship or misunderstandings.

The apparent docility and lightness of the color used as a base increase the strength of the scenic representation of the painting, opening the work to a dense network of suggestions, and leaving the viewer free to understand its purpose.

Infants - Silences - Solitudes

These are the recurring points in Salvo Rivolo’s current research.

A magnificent oxymoron. Salvo takes us into uncertain, suspended and wonderful scenarios, overshadowed by deafening silences and immobility.

The sense of loneliness often touches our gaze, leaving us abandoned to random and mystical dialogues with his works.