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Not only a gallery but also a creative space that pulsates with the beating heart of Catania city and the young artistic milieu of Contemporary Art. The gallery opened in 2014 in Via San Michele thanks to the initiative of Art historian Aurelia Nicolosi, and it welcomes new generations of national as well international top-notch artists. Thanks to the priceless collaboration with Centro contemporaneo and Associazioni San Michele Art Power e Fund4art Firenze, numerous prestigious exhibitions have been held, which helped the flourishing of this venturesome enterprise, committed to digging up true beauty rather than sheer aesthetic pleasure. The works in the gallery, spanning figurative to conceptual, aim at the latest trends in photography and design. But the artist’s portfolio is not the only bit being sifted through onto the exhibit. Creativity, technical fineness, and originality play a fundamental role in the crafting of the artist’s portfolio and access granting to important projects. Without such qualities, the gallery would not have been chosen for prestigious exhibitions such as Expo Milano 2015, from I-ART, il polo diffuso per le identità and Contemporary Art in Sicily, and biennial MANIFESTA 12 PALERMO. It is no surprise that KōArt Gallery harbours an international avant- garde artistic milieu that reminds of the architecture of Soho or Chelsea, posh New York City boroughs; the candour of the walls tones down the darkness of the floor in a goal-kicking game, an actual idea hatchery. The smart lighting, taken care of by designer Marzia Paladino, (Ladyled), makes all the difference, enhancing the canvas and sculptures in a unique and innovative production in line with cutting-edge LED technology.
Art history expert Aurelia Nicolosi, has been actively collaborating with Palazzo delle Esposizioni di Roma, Palazzo Strozzi a Firenze, and Palazzo Blu a Pisa. She has been the editor of Art catalogues of high-end international exhibitions for Giunti publishing house. Along Antonio Fallica in 2014 she founded ‘KōArt: Unconventional Place, an Art gallery right in Catania’s bustling downtown. Nicolosi and her artists have taken part in events of nationawide and worlwide interest, such as IART 2015, EXPO MILANO 2015, ART MARKET BUDAPEST 2016-2017, MANIFESTA 12 Palermo 2018, inauguration of MACRO ASILO Roma 2018. Among several renowed curators who have enhanced the artists portfolios within her exhibition space are Philippe Daverio, Antonio D’Amico, Roberto Mutti, Ivan Quaroni, Vittorio Sgarbi. She is now a freelance writer for news mag Cultura Commestibile and collaborates with the Sicilian Tour Guide Association as a tourism trainer. Per l’associazione fiorentina Fund4art è referente dei progetti in Sicilia. Nicolosi also teaches Art History in secondary schools and provides support to disabled students who use every form of Art as a vehicle for expression and totalising experience.

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