An immersive and sensorial experience through art, science and technology that will make us reflect on our future and ask ourselves what kind of people are we becoming?

Art, science and technology come together in DES_ILUSIONES, the next exhibition that Est_Art gallery will host between March and May. A unique, immersive and sensorial multidisciplinary project with the participation of several national and international artists: Nourathar | TONDOsmiling | Miguel Mas | Noé Serrano Moon Armada | Fran Pérez Rus | Verónica Peña

Decades ago technology, as we know it now, was not part of our lives; however, it was perceived that something was going to change with television, the conquest of space, computers... A fascinating, renewing and full of opportunities promise was looming before us. Cyberspace, cyberculture, interactivity, global connectivity, the generation of images, digital sounds, artificial intelligence, robotics, the possibility of overcoming the limits of the body, etc., were about to become part of our everyday life and language.

Could it be that what promised freedom has done nothing but chain us further? The title DES_ILUSIONS refers precisely to the link between those empty promises and their failure, to witnessing how those great challenges of colonising the Solar System or ending world hunger, to give just a few examples, have faded away over time.

It is true that scientific and technological advances are key to understanding the aesthetics of our century, and that science and technology have always evolved together throughout history, but what about art? In some ancient cultures there was a single word to express the three concepts in one. Aristotle defined art (tekne) as any human production that can create a reality that did not exist before. In fact, culture is a whole where art is mixed with these matters.

Since ancient times, human beings have used all the tools at their disposal for the creation of their works. If we go back to the 15th and 16th centuries and look at the work of Leonardo Da Vinci, the quintessential example of the Renaissance and the integration of all disciplines, we see that at the artistic level we are witnessing a second Renaissance, as many artists combine several disciplines (biology, robotics, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, etc.) in the same work. This is the case of the work of NourathaR, TONDOsmiling, Miguel Mas, Fran Pérez Rus, Noé Serrano, Moon Armada and Verónica Peña, who will make us reflect not on what the computer will be like in the future, but to make us ask ourselves what we will be like, what kind of people are we becoming?

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