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È Solo la Fine del Mondo


Single piece Dated Titled



104 x 71 cm
40.94 x 28 in







Chalk, charcoal, oil, acrylic, engraving and gold leaf. Wooden board.

1996 Riccione, Italy

Riccardo Ricca was born in Romagna in 1996. Discovering soon his passion for fine arts he attends Art School Federico Fellini, in Riccione, the city where he spent the first years of his artistic experimentation. He then moved to Milan to study at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, where he met great masters such as Arcangelo Esposito who accompanies him in the work of the Bachelor Degree thesis in painting, entitled "The case in art". He graduates with honors and decides to continue the two-year course at the Academy of Brera, under the guidance of the master Omar Galliani. 

The first work exhibited at Brera has a conceptual nature: it's composed of many notes used during high school (famous for helping students during tests) and embellished by a baroque frame. The work, "Untitled, 89 points of maturity", is appreciated for its formal success and its ironic character. 

In 2020 he participates in the international award city of Budapest getting the publication of his painting "Jonah" on the periodical ART NOW. In March
2021 the work "Wakashi" is published on the annual ARTISTI. 

At the moment he continues his artistic production in his studio in Milan. Moreover Riccardo Ricca plays, composes and lives music as a second home in which to express his artistic nature.

"Art is the attempt to experience truth, art is born for life and in life. The artist follows the scratches that wood has received, the marks traced by Fate on the material. The figures tell a story that is already present in the wood and the image is revealed in the artistic act. Rust and gold leaves of gold are both not controllable materials; they are alive, so they are able to overcome the individualism of the artist who can become the medium through which the world reveals itself in its truth. The works are not meant to be immediate, demonstrating that in art, as in life, it takes time and patience to figure out if there is meaning and order. The paintings change: the iron rusts, the gold leaves reflect the light differently in the day."

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Milan, Via Romolo Gessi, 28

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