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100 x 100 cm
39 x 39.37 in







Medium: Car paint on aluminium A few months ago, Jorge Wagensberg published the following aphorism in El País: «Una ballena de 200 toneladas vive más de ochenta años y una musaraña de 2 gramos apenas dos, pero si no medimos sus vidas en años, ni en días, sino en número de latidos del corazón, igual resulta que viven lo mismo.» And since I read it, I can not separate this comparison of my opinion and taste about the pictures of Oliver Johnson, they have always seemed whales -for its size, its beauty, its texture- while I contemplate absorbed as a shrew. MAKMA

1972 , United Kingdom

Luton, 1972 

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Valencia, Avda Barón de Carcer 37

A new interdisciplinary space for international contemporary art. An "area" can be any particular extent of surface, especially empty or unused. Figuratively, to encompass any extent, scope or range of an object or concept. Area 72 is conceived as a triple space dedicated to the screening of young contemporary art, focusing on artists of strong and consiste...

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