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A new interdisciplinary space for international contemporary art. An "area" can be any particular extent of surface, especially empty or unused. Figuratively, to encompass any extent, scope or range of an object or concept. Area 72 is conceived as a triple space dedicated to the screening of young contemporary art, focusing on artists of strong and consistent discourse, mostly born after 1972. Area 72 offers two exhibition spaces dedicated to specific projects, designed ad-hoc by artists of international relevance. It will also incorporate a library and bookshop, including limited editionobjects by contemporary artists. Likewise it houses a showroom of works in permanent storage. The space will be modular, dynamic and experimental in concept. Crucially, the program of Area 72 will exceed the physical space and boundaries of itsinitiative, accommodating projects in public and private facilities in Spain and abroad, online and usinginnovative technologies. Area72 will target a young audience and public eager to innovate, and will offer assistance on the creation of new art collections. The opening hours will be flexible,including exclusive appointments. The purpose of Area72 is to target quality projects, limiting the number of annual exhibitions. For this,wewill make calls for proposals from curators, evolving performances and public programs where art mirrors society. Area72 dedicates special attention to the interaction of fine arts with other alternative artistic, cultural and social disciplines. The perimeter of Area72 is not fixed, but on the contrary it will be a fluid surface, following anon-going process of feedback and research.

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Avda Barón de Carcer 37
46700 Valencia


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