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Music Inside



100 x 70 cm
39 x 27.56 in






Acrylic on canvas

1963 Netanya, Israel

Mikhail Baranovskiy (born 1963 in the USSR). Lives and works in Israel. Most of his life he was engaged in literary creativity: he worked in a newspaper, wrote books for adults and children, scripts for films, serials and plays for the theater. For the last ten years, Mikhail has been actively involved in painting. Baranovskiy's paintings are in private collections of art connoisseurs around the world.

"Mikhail Baranovskiy - artist, writer, screenwriter. In paintings he puts the basic principles of dramaturgy. His works are filled with metaphors, unexpected plot twists, multi-layered meanings and readings. Baranovskiy has a unique, individual, recognizable style. The author works in the genre of philosophical expressionism. His works are popular in the USA, Europe and, of course, Israel, where the artist lives."

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Los Angeles,

TERAVARNA (Formerly known as ART SHOW INTERNATIONAL GALLERY), an independent gallery, promotes both traditional craftsmanship and contemporary art. The gallery was founded in Los Angeles and has spread its wings worldwide. Celebrated for its impeccable recognition of ground-breaking artistic talent, the Artists of TERAVARNA have caught the eye of the World...

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