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2000 EUR
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Io e Te, Vento Nel Vento


Single piece



27 x 30 x 32 cm
11 x 11.81 x 12.60 in







Real books, chalk, acrylic paint

, Italy

Lorenzo Perrone was born in Milan where he attended the painting course at the Castello Sforzesco and the Humanitarian Book School, the latter training which will mark him significantly. His professional life moves to the field of graphics and communication between Milan, London and New York.
In 2000 Perrone returned to his youthful artistic aspirations, leaving the screamed language of advertising for the silent one of sculpture. It restarts from the two fundamental concepts of his training: books, for him a symbol of salvific culture and study, and white as a search for the essential. With his works, he seeks a more intimate, more spiritual relationship with himself and with the "other". It is in this period that he begins to work on his White Books.
Simona Vanzetto was born and studied in Florence, curious and eclectic, she debuts in her professional life in Paris where she expresses herself through costume, fashion and photography. In the 1990s she returned to Italy and Tuscany where she opened a small niche design and communication studio. She is passionate about Yoga, she is a social activist, in 2006 she met Lorenzo with whom she was born a deep partnership of life and artistic research to develop together the LibriBianchi project.

White Books
The LibriBianchi are the expression of a personal artistic research by Lorenzo and Simona Perrone that has been developing for over twenty years and that explores the world of books and strongly establishes the binomial book / culture as a synonym for civilization.
Lorenzo and Simona use real books on which they rage with water, glue and plaster, thus obtaining a raw material on which they intervene with various apparently foreign materials such as barbed wire, glass, stones, woods and white paint.
Thus a shift of perception from the semantic to the symbolic dimension takes place: the volume is molded and translated towards an accentuated symbolism that transforms it into sculpture.
In the end, covered in white, each book becomes an Archetype, a symbol of Culture and Knowledge and screams in silence to be read otherwise.
Since 2015 Lorenzo and Simona have extended their production to large installations and bronze, to bring the book closer to infinite livability. Sensitive to contemporary issues, their research evolves towards social and environmental issues.
Appreciated by bibliophiles and collectors, LibriBianchi are exhibited in numerous art galleries and institutions in Italy and abroad.

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