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580 EUR

L'Assenza della Traccia




90 x 70 cm
35.43 x 28 in







Mixed technique on cotton canvas

, Italy

Giorgia Guaglianone aka Goldfinch was born and raised in a tiny village in Calabria with nineteenth-century appearances, this characteristic has allowed her to cultivate and nourish her bond with nature. She is especially fond of Romanticism and Expressionism, she makes oil and watercolor painting her means of communication. She cultivates her self-taught passion and subsequently attends the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. She participates in several group exhibitions between Rome and Milan and on 7 July 2020 she inaugurates her first personal exhibition in the "Eternal City".

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Milan, Via Romolo Gessi, 28

Looking For Art Gallery is a place of artistic and cultural exchange for hundreds of under 35 artists gravitating around our project. The final goal is to create new and better growth opportunities for young artists, who can find in our Gallery a place where they can express, experiment and share art in all its facets. It is a space where innovation and de...

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120 x 120 x 5 cm

1750,00 €