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Polvere sul davanzale




30 x 24 cm
12 x 9.45 in





Fine-art paper. 1 of 5. 

L’attesa delle cose antiche di essere ancora vissute. Un passato che si racconta nel presente.



1994 , Italy

Francesca Masocco, born in 1994.

Francesca Masocco was born in Sesto San Giovanni in the province of Milan. She attended the linguistic high school in her hometown while simultaneously cultivating her artistic interests that followed her from an early age. After high school he moved to London where he works and personally deepens the study of photography.

She returned to Italy and attended the Italian Institute of Photography, graduating in 2017. Her studies allow her to collaborate and work in the world of photography with some personalities in the sector. His continuous and profound inner and spiritual research coincides with his photographic one. Through the photographic medium he brings to light the harmonious link of the events of life. His photography is characterized by the almost exclusive use of natural light and the ever-present alternation of digital and analog tools.

“My photographs tell the beauty of everyday life in its lights and shadows. The living presence of the objects and shapes that surround us and accompany us on our journey every day. The concept of beauty extended to all surfaces. I tell of a submerged, existing world where a strong harmonious dualism always coexists: a soft and at the same time merciless light, a warm darkness that cuddles or cancels us.

I want to look where too often the right attention is not given or the right weight is not given; show the negative as the positive and share the absolute need to experience one's feelings in the round. Extend our inner profiles and our roots to what surrounds us and is external, to create a new vision of the whole ”.


    "Gusto Liberty", Arte Nova Foundation, Romano Canavese, Turin, 2017;
    “SPIE - IIF”, for Milan Photo Festival, Italian Institute of Photography, Milan, 2017;
    “Beyond the good, beyond the evil - The halved world of the viscount”, Collective Exhibition, HC ArtFactory, Milan, 2017;
    "ANONYMOUS LINKS - ADSINT", Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan, 2017;
    “ADSINT for Vetrine Meravigli”, Vetrine Meravigli, Milan, 2017.


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