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390 EUR

Kukù II


Single piece Dated Titled



80 x 100 cm
31.50 x 39 in







Mixed technique on canvas

Format: large, vertical

Certificate of authenticity included


"Who is he? Where is he coming from? It is not known, but he has shown up and he is not alone."

1995 Parma, Italy

Cripe, class of 1995.

Cripe was born in Parma, the city where he currently lives. His passion for the arts developed from an early age, thanks to the very strong bond with his maternal grandfather, an opera singer at the Teatro Regio in Parma; he grew up in an environment where music was a pillar of everyday life.

His first approach to the figurative arts occurred at about the age of 10, following and observing his sculptor uncle as soon as possible. The first works are created at the age of 20, mainly consisting of sketches and subjects of extreme simplicity only and exclusively to eliminate the fear of exposing one's world.

Cripe is totally self-taught, art is a spiritual need, which will never be satiated; in fact, the research process is a constant presence for him in everyday life. Creating nonexistent and enigmatic figures, subjects and universes is the goal of his creative vein.

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