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Bauhaus Porto


Dated Titled

From the series Coloured Surfaces


Bauhaus Porto

75 x 50 cm
30 x 19.69 in







Coloured Surfaces, 2014 – 2017
75 x 50 cm, acrylic print, plexiglass


Photographs of the Colour Surfaces series is characterized by geometric forms and bright colours. At first glance they look like hard-edge paintings but they have been taken in real locations and their sources are modern and contemporary architecture.
The works of this series are made of plexiglass. The choice of this material is deliberate, a reference to high city buildings and skyscrapers. Plexiglass can add layers and the feeling of spatial object to these photographs.

Robitz is concerned about sense of space and the proportions between the chosen detail and the original and also the relation between them. However, as a three-dimensional object cannot be condensed into a single two-dimensional image, she can achieve by influencing our perception with highlighting elements, changing proportions and the viewing point that the details on the photo make us feel as if they are spatial. When the details are selected only the most necessary elements will be put into the picture which create the composition. The forms, colours and textures get far from the original and create a completely new meaning and become fragments of a possible world.

1978 Nagykanizsa, Hungary

Anikó Robitz (1978, Nagykanizsa, Hungary) studied photography at the Szellemkép Photography School until 2006 and later continued her studies at the Milton Friedman University in Budapest (2008-2011). She received the Graz Cultural City Network Award in 2008 and the Pécsi József grant in 2009. She lives and works in Budapest.

While Anikó is strongly situated in the medium of photography, her work correlates with other practices of fine art such as painting and printmaking. We can compare it to certain styles from the 20th century due to its formalistic troupes, like Minimalism, Constructivism and Supremacism, which all diverge from realistic depictions in art. Her signature approach to photography thus highlights formalistically bare images, imbued with rich modernist tradition as well as contemporary art practices.

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Photon Gallery was founded in Ljubljana in 2003 to present and promote photo-artists from Central and South-Eastern Europe. It regularly shows work by both established artists and young emerging photographers. Photon encompasses various professional activities such as gallery work (production and organization of exhibitions), festivals (organization of Photo...

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