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4200 EUR
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Monochrome (Red)


Single piece



80 x 80 cm
32 x 31.50 in







Acrylic and sand on canvas

With the Monochrome series, Borguet employs a totally gestural technique in which the signs follow each other on the canvas in a defined space, like an algorithm that alternates full with empty, light with dark, angles and curves dance with each other in complete harmony, and each indivdual sign is covered with several layers of sand so as to elevate it from the canvas.

The textured painting symbolises the step taken by the work towards the viewer, a kind of romantic encounter where both parties create a new emotion.

1988 Milan, Italy

ALAN BORGUET (*1988, Milan, Italy)

Borguet’s career began when he was 13 years old when he took up Street Art. A little later, he found a job as an assistant at a contemporary art gallery in Milan, where he discovered, as he himself says, ‘his new awakening’, attracted by the sign and gestural art of the mid 20th century.

He therefore began to study artists such as Carla Accardi, Dadamaino, Capogrossi and Antonio San Filippo and fell in love with this offshoot of informal art as it was able to convey emotions immediately through gestural impulses.

Borguet defines himself as a multifaceted artist with the full awareness of being a medium through which the creative force finds its dimension. Each of Alan Borguet’s works carries with it a gift that is then perceivable to the viewer beyond the five senses.

The meaning of each work is not intended to be a limitation imposed by the artist, but to reach the innermost vision of each observer.

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