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5500 EUR
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Circulos 12


Single piece Dated Titled



125 x 90 cm
49 x 35.43 in







Acrylic and oil on wood

1960 Tallinn, Estonia

Siim-Tanel Annus (1960) is an action and a graphic artist as well as a painter who wrote himself into art history during the 1980s with his performances. The artist's exhibitions have taken place all over the world but he considers representing Estonia at the 47th Venice Biennale in 1997 to be his most important one. Annus is an artist whose creative nature focuses on searching. As a true action artist, Annus values the proccess of making a work of art more than the final product itself. He experiments with colours and materials and works more with his hands than with a brush. Through himself and other, more technical means, Annus is devoted to examining totality. His works are worlds pure of objects, the motifs of which are often inspired by hints from nature with textures creating the primary idea of the image. The shapes in Annus' work are universal patterns that recur everywhere, in nature, in space, in the human body... With all this, he tries to refer to the connection between the human mind and the experience from ages ago, from which what can be drawn unconsciously is perhaps more true than what we think to be true at the moment.

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Established in 1997, Haus Gallery is a leading Estonian art gallery representing some of the most influential contemporary Estonian artists as well as estates from the past century. The gallery has decades-long relationships with a diverse list of Estonian artists and has helped foster the careers of some of the most significant Estonian artists working toda...

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