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Single piece Signed Dated Titled Framed



35 x 31 x 4 cm
14 x 12.20 x 1.57 in







Mixed media.

Adriana Rigonat (1949 Trieste, Italy). Unconsciousness is not only relevant to Rigonat’s work, but it is also necessary. In fact, it becomes part of her creative process: it is what allows her to give life to a white paper that translates her feelings into action. In the eye of the observer, every graphic symbol identifies a meaning to be found, every element can be a window into another world.

1949 Trieste, Italy

Adriana Rigonat's works are made with mixed media on paper, executed with acrylic paints, pastels and charcoals; these pictorial practices are mixed, in her latest production, with photographic collage techniques. Adriana Rigonat tries to use the photographic image as an instrument of her palette as an indefinable colour that comes to us like an emotional frequency that speaks of the memory of the body.
The protagonists of the works are undoubtedly the shadows without identity that run across the canvas and relate to the realistic photographic impressions. The latter becomes a representation of the memories of those painted shadows themselves; they are the expression of personal and subjective memory that the artist highlights and defines, modifying them graphically by implementing a subjective rewriting of memory. The artist lets everyone enter in her works and, although they are sewn on the experience of another, they become paradoxically familiar to the observer.

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Trieste, Via Tivarnella 5

The Tivarnella Art is a contemporary art gallery, and its main interest is in promoting living Italian artists. Enea Chersicola has been working as an art dealer since 2012, and after gathering experience in the field, he decidede to establish his gallery in Trieste (Italy), in 2018. Tivarnella Art participates in various art fair all around Europe, organ...

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85.97 x 149.98 x 2.99 cm

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