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Sergey Anufriev

Odessa, Ukraine

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Sergey Anufriev (b. 1964 in Odessa, Ukraine) comes from a family of non-conformist artists originally from Moscow. Their circle was the kernel of the contemporary art movement in the South Russia, as well as the only center of non-official culture on the territory of Ukraine. It was this environment, that deeply influenced the artist’s creative potential. Anufriev began to fulfill his artistic talent in the early 80’s, upon arriving in Moscow, when he started to work as an independent conceptual artist. In 1986 Anufriev organized and was elected Chairman of the Club of Avangardists (CLAVA). In 1987 he participated in the POP-Mechanics project and together with another Odessa-born artist Yuri Leyderman and a muscovite Pavel Pepperstein founded famous art group “Inspection Medical Hermeneutics”. Participant of many non-conformist art projects, in 2008 he developed a new current in contemporary art – Patternism. Works of Sergey Anufriev are in the collections of the George Pompidou Centre in Paris and in Museum Ludwig in Cologne. In spring 2017, Sergey Anufriev’s works were displayed at the show Kollektsia! at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris.